Friday, May 25, 2012

Whooping it up on Friday

All my H2H quilts are washed and ready to be shipped out on Saturday!  So I've just been playing now that I got those done.  I made a four more NYBs for Center of my universe (the EQ7 file and a picture can be found here).  Here's the center (blocks not sewn together yet)

This really is the center of Center of My Universe

And I was pretty excited when I saw that.  I had to see how the stars were going to look, and I liked those to!!  Made me want to get busy and start whipping up a gazillion NYBs :)  Well I'll get them done sooner or later, I only have 84 more to go :) Yep, long term project.  But it's fun to play.
Here's one of the stars from Center of My Universe
And will ya look at what I found in my sewing room when I got home from work, what a sweetheart my husband is :)  He thinks I'm in love with jelly rolls because of the incredible binge I went on earlier this year, what a sweetheart.  He even knows to check the bargin basket and picked up a couple of fat quarters out of there.   So now I have the day off today and I'm just gonna play in the sewing room before the kids get here for the weekend.   Do I make some more of those NYBs or do I play that yummy jelly roll, it's good to have choices :)

Bday goodies
And there's a giveaway party going on over at SewMamaSew and here's what I'm giving away, somehow I ended up with two, so one's for you :)  Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts. There's a CD with the templates as well.  It's a great book.  Just leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win.  The winner will be randomly drawn on 5/25 7 PM CS. You can find it  here

Linking up with Show off Friday , Sarah's to see what everyone else is whooping about, and Sew Many Ways, there's always some great inspiration there at all these places. 


  1. Fantastic! That's a great pattern and the jewel tones are wonderful!

  2. I think you need to work with those penguins. Good hubby!

  3. stunning quilt, both layouts! and what a hubby!! no way would mine do that :-) I have to send him a specific wish list for birthday and christmas and tell him to pick some items off the list, that will be my surprise- not knowing what I get from the list

  4. I love your NYB blocks! Are they paper pieced? I've seen so many of these blocks lately and I think I have to make some!

    Whatever you do...don't lose that husband!!! :-)

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous!
    What a thoughtful husband you have!

  6. I just love your NYBs. Beautiful color choices. Sounds like you've got an awesome hubby. I don't think I could pay mine to go into a fabric store!

  7. Your quilt blocks are fantastic and what a beautiful quilt this will be! Now that is a perfect husband, how sweet!

  8. Love your NYB to be. It's one of the patterns on my bucket list.

    What a considerate hubby you have! Mine allows me to go to the store; it's not the same.

  9. Love long term projects and your hubby is a keeper...

  10. Those NYB blocks are gorgeous. I'm not surprised you're tempted to whip out some more.

    What a lovely pressie. What fabric is the jelly roll? I really like it, which is saying something as I'm not big on prints.

  11. Both layouts are fantastic. Jow will you decide?

  12. I love your NYB blocks! And such pretty designs.... Whoop whoop!!


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