Sunday, April 26, 2015

Done, Done and getting started!

I think it was a record for me getting 3 quilts quilted this weekend. Wow, how did that happen?  Well I'll show at the end what my motivation was for getting these done. But first here's a couple of Hands 2 Help quilts.  It's not too late to join in the fun if you haven't already.  There's a button on the side bar that will take ya where ya need to go for all the details.  I've got Graffiti H2H #4 and H2H #5 done.  I really have to get better names for this quilts!!  Graffiti details - Hobbs Poly down batting, glide thread on top, pantograph is Ebb and Flow.  H2H #5, Hobbs poly down batting, So Fine thread on top, Premo Soft in the bobbin, pantograph is square fold diagonal from Urban Elementz. That was a pretty tough pantograph for a hand guided machine.  I like to call the look *organic* and is full of *texture* which all really means, it's not as accurate as I would like.  H2H #5 is made with Shot Cottons so it's got a great depth of color that you just can't see on camera.
Graffiti H2H #4 
Pantograph - Ebb and Flow 
Glide thread on top, med grey

Hobbs Poly Down Batting, sweet batik backing reminds me of chocolate covered cherries

H2H #5

Pantograph is Square Fold Diagonal from Urban Elementz
So Fine Thread on Top - I love the dimension you get using a shot cotton

I also finished Sandra's quilt, just a quick pantograph on this one, it is a sweet quilt.  Great for movie night. Quilters Dream Select Cotton Batting, Premo Soft on Top and is bobbin, new combination for me.  I liked it, but had to change the bobbin a bit more with the 50 wt thread rather than the 60.
Sandra's Quilt size is 75 x 84

Pantograph is Simply Stars by Lisa Calle 
Quilters Dream Select Cotton, So Fine thread on Top Premo Soft in the bobbin
Veronika came by and we have another quilt top done, this is H2H #6  - Pattern is Off Track by Cluck Cluck Sew.  Well it was suppose to be but I forgot to put the white strips in between the rows.  What how could I do that?  I kept looking at thinking it seemed a bit narrow, but then thought that might actually be better for someone have chemo,  so I'm leaving this one.  
Off Track H2H #6
Veronika also brought this dresden plate top that she said we could use if I quilted it.  I was so excited.  No pantograph on this one.   I told my self that I couldn't start anything custom unless I finished Sandra's quilt and one more H2H - that was my motivation for all these finishes.  As soon as I saw that dresden plate I started thinking of different designs.  My frame was empty and I just wanted to get started.  I just got the full set of curved rulers from Quilted Pineapple and you know I'm going to use those all over this beauty!! And I also just got the book "You Can Quilt It!" which has some great ideas for a dresden plate.  This top was found in a shop in Galena IL for $20.  There is one little tiny spot on it, but I don't think you'll notice when it's all done.  So excited.

And there - that's my sewing week, not bad eh??  I wonder if I'll be this productive when I retire ;)  Checking out the linky parties on the right, something for everyday of the week.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Needles on fire!!!

Holy smokes, my machine has been hmming all weekend.  I did go slow at first because I really didn't want to take this beauty off my frame.  I quilted this for Ann (she sewed the binding on my HUGE  Shining Star quilt).  I LOVE the dark blue with the greens and teals.  There was just something so comforting and soothing when I quilted this.  It's a pretty big quilt so it took me a little while.  This has Hobbs 80/20 batting, glide thread light blue thread on top and light grey magna glide in the bobbin.  Pantograph is Fan Fare by Patricia Ritter, still one of my favorites. I was glad it was nice enough to take pictures outside.  Does her quilt sparkle??  Great job Ann, I'm gonna miss this one.
Ann's Easy Street
Hobb's 80/20 Batting, Glide thread on top, light blue
Pantograph  - Fan Fare by Patricia Ritter

is that backing perfect?  just love everything about this one.
magna glide light grey on the back.
Then a friend of mine posted a story on facebook with some things she found in her yard  after the tornado last week.  This friend lives in Harvard which is over 55 miles from Rochelle.  And another friend in Twin Lakes WI, over 77 miles from Rochelle had debris in her yard.   From the same family, how crazy is that????  Well they decide to try to find these folks and let them know what they found and try to return it.  They found the family in Rochelle lost everything, breaks your heart.  So these two friends decided not only were they going to return what they found, but they were taking donations for this family.  Betty asked, if you lost everything what would you want.  I of course immediately thought, a quilt, I gotta have a blankie!!  Betty also was able to post a picture of the family and two of the girls had purple dresses on.  I knew immediately what quilt top to use.  Lucky for me we had 4 quilts waiting to be quilted for Hands 2 Help (see the side bar, still plenty of time to donate a quilt to one of three great charities).   One of those quilts got diverted.  It's done and ready to be delivered this week when Betty travels to Rochelle.  I've donated the quilt and a gift card.  Details on this quilt - Dew Drops pantograph, Glide thread on top - white, hobbs poly down battng, magna glide in the bobbin, light grey.  I almost like the back more than the front.  The size 54 ish x 64 ish.  Why don't I measure these when I'm done???
H2H 6 now going to Rochelle family
Poly down batting (Hobbs), glide thread on top white
Pantograph - Dew drops by Patricia Ritter
I think I like the back better than the front almost.  
Magna glide in the bobbin, light tan
Of course then I was feeling a bit guilty about not having a finish for H2H, so I got this one on and off the frame in no time.  Poor April needs a break!! Details on this quilt - Ebb and Flow pantograph (seriously quick and easy), glide thread on top, med grey and magna glide in the bobbin, dark grey.  I think it's 64 in square.  The pattern is Graffiti, simple and fun. 
Graffiti number 1 - H2H finish #2 wild and crazy color!
Poly Down (Hobbs) batting, glide thread on top, med grey 
Pantograph Ebb and Flow - Lorien Quilting 
Pattern Graffiti

Magna glide in the bobbin, dark grey - love the lines and curves on the backing
On the design wall, just a few more of this and a few more of that. I think something will need to come down before another block goes up, I really should get serious about finish one of these....
couple more stars, couple more shirting blocks, somethings gonna have to come off before anything else goes on!
Check out all the linky parties on the side bar, so many beauties out there you don't want to miss it!!  Hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

DWM - I gotta commit

Oh well it has been a crazy week.  Not a lot of sewing this week.  I did add a few more random blocks to the design wall.  I'm going to have to either commit to a project here or get a bigger design wall!

And I'm about 3/4 of the way done quilting Ann's gorgeous Easy Street.  There is just something about the dark blue in this one and her fabric choices that calms me as I quilt this one.  I need to use more green, teal and dark blue in a quilt.  Just gorgeous.  Wait what was I saying just two minutes ago about committing to one of the 4 projects on the design wall?  sigh......

I didn't get as much quilting done cuz I was doing the Gram's thing this weekend.  Had some t-ball with this guy (daughter #3 with him making him smile so big and of course kitty)
This guy (daugther #2s son), kitty, daughter #3 - no t-ball pictures - what how did that happen?

and some paint ball with this guy (you know there are a lot of rules in paint ball - I learned a lot this weekend.)
Daughter #2, this guy (who is daughter #1's son), daughter #1
I also have a small request for this guy.
This guy - the original
 This is my dad.  My brother is taking my dad on an honor flight for Korean War Vets to Washing DC to visit the Korean War Memorial. My dad was a medic in the Korean war with active duty from 1951 - 1953. The group that is sponsoring the flight has a surprise for all the vets, they will do a "mail call". They give them letters sent by family and friends. If you have a minute and feel so inclined could you send him a little thank you for his service. The war was hard for him, which I can't even imagine. It's not often that I hear him talk about it without a heavy heart, but this trip he talks about in a very positive way which warms my heart. If you could help keep this positive vib going for someone who gave a lot, it would be greatly appreciated - Write to him at: Bill Cummings c/o Lafayette Honor Flight; PO Box 275; Lafayette, IN 47902 Letters must be post marked by 4/20, in order to get them there on time. I know he would appreciate hearing from people. He's alone now, and getting up there in years.  We all love electronic media, but he's a old fashioned guy and loves the pen and paper.  I know he would be so tickled and hopefully he can start to feel better about all that happened if he knows that people appreciate what they all gave for the sake of freedom.  I wasn't even born when he served, so I'm a bit excited to write him a letter and thank him for what he did. South Korea was a beautiful place when I visited years ago.

Check out the linky parties on the side bar, so much fun and inspiration out there.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Quilters ADD

I had a bit of quilts ADD this week.  Didn't have much time to spend sewing so when I did I just fluttered from project to project. Hmmm maybe if I get a little done here and a little done there, one of this days I'll have a big bang of finishes!!  Seriously look at that design wall, someone really needs to find a bit of focus huh???

From left to right - Common Bride, yep it's back out, and I actually worked on it.  Shirtings QSTs, Black Sea, Old Friends BOM.  Common Bride I got back out.  It was stalled on the applique.  I really wanted to do "real" applique, but turns out I don't like it so much.  I do like fusible applique so I decided fusible it is.  Done is better than waiting until I get in the mood for "real" applique. Which turns out can be quite a long time....

I'm trying to tone down the shirtings QSTs with the same color all the way around.  They are all stripes and this just may not go the way I want it to, but I'm trying.

And then there's Black Sea (Aegan Sea done n black and grey).  See that big star?  It's wrong, but I really like it.  No idea what so ever what I will do with it, but it's there just waiting for inspiration.  The three smaller ones are just the right size.  Three down, six more to go.   Remember that one lonely little twosie?   Well it's got some friends and some bigger friends.  Making progress on those too.

Last is the Old Friends BOM from Calico Girls, Block 5 done, I'm almost 1/2 way there.  Block six just came out but didn't get to that.  I've started on those cute little nine patches too, half of those are done.

Check out all the linky parties, lots of inspiration out there.  Wonder if I'll find some focus checking out the linky parties, I sure hope so!