Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fair and Square Center is done!!

I locked myself in the sewing room and really did very little other than sew on Sunday. I really needed it too, very therapeutic! I was so happy to get the center of the quilt done. I'm in search of a couple more ugly fabrics to go with these as I don't think I'll have enough to finish the border. But I think there's a fabric or two in my stash that will blend in just fine!! Isn't this a happy quilt? I just love it. I think this will be the quilt I use when me or my husband needs a little cheering up during the winter when we have cabin fever.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Fair and Square

I did it, I finally got some sewing time in. I wanted to work on something simple and fast. I sent the husband on a bike ride and as soon as he was out of site, I went straight to the sewing room. Why is it everything seems so much better with Pandora blaring and the hum of a sewing machine? I started a leader and ender project back on April 9th. I had gotten 30 ugly fat quarters that I really wanted to use up. Here's a link to the before picture and here is the after. This is Bonnie Hunter's Fair and Square . Mine is a little softer color, brighter and EASY. Nothing takes the stress out like whipping through a few string blocks!! And I have to say that cutting up those ugly fabrics that small really did work. I can't see one chicken or toad in the bunch!! And yes, there are chickens and toads in there, crazy stuff I tell you :) You can only expect so much at .50 a fat quarter - it's good material, just really ugly :) I am now well prepared to tackle another work week!! I still have a ways to go on this one, but will keep this one going to de-stress when needed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kaleidoscope quilt top done and army fatigues cut up ready to sew....almost

Still don't have much time to sew but I did manage to get some sewing in today. It was raining in the morning an I was thrilled!! That meant I could go in the sewing room. I really needed to destress a bit. Work has been absolutely crazy and I'm on a new medicine that makes me want to jump out of my skin. I really really needed to sew, and I did!! I finished the quilt top for the Kaleidoscope QAL. I'm pretty pleased with it. I sewed every little pit and piece together I could for the back, but still not enough for the full back. I don't why, but putting white on the back of a quilt just seems wrong to me. Someone please talk me out of this craziness! White is really the only option I have for the remaining areas of the back. I think it's going to be a while before it gets quilted though. I am in the mood for some piecing!!
We dropped off daughter number 4 at college on Thursday. I was able to get all but two of the army fatigues deconstructed for my nieces quilt. I've got two patterns in mind. Bonnie Hunters Smith Mountain Morning, I want to make this quilt so badly. I'm thinking the blue can be the woodland camouflage and brown can be the other. With the muslin being the dark brown fabric. I'm just not sure I have enough of the lighter camouflage to make this one.
The second option iscalled Newport Beach by Judy Martin. Another quilt that is on my must make list. I was thinking the squares would be the woodland camo, the shadow of the square the ligher and off whic color in the background. I also have a bag of patches to add to the blocks/borders etc. Soooo... which one? I know I have enough of both types of camouflage for the Judy Martin quilt. Oh so tough to choose. I'm linking up with

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Irish Chain Surprise

 Oh my, I completed this quilt top over 10 years ago for my mother in law.  The picture really doesn't show the colors very well.  It's funny how we grow as quilters.   I have become much more adventurous in my color choices over the years!  We had just moved into a new house and  were remodeling.  We added 2000 sq feet! That's more room than what we started with!  Part of that was for an in-law apartment area for my mother-in-law.  But we got very busy very quickly and this quilt top went into a tub in the basement and well, out of site out of mind.

My youngest daughter is going away to college this week and needed some tubs.  She was going to go buy some. But I knew there was at least one tub down there with material in it.  Heck I just wanted to go through it and see if there was anything  I could put in my fancy new sewing room (how old does it have to be before it's not new - going on 8 months now, I still enjoy every minute in there, and it does feel like new!).  So I sent my husband down to the basement to find them.  Thirty minutes later, up he comes with two tubs in tow.  

Oh was I surprised to find the Irish Chain.  My mother in law was Irish and she really wanted something new for her bed when she moved in with us.  Well she did get something new, but not something I made.  Bless her heart, she's been gone for almost 2 years now.  I think she would have liked it.  I 'm going to finish this one and use it in the guest room.  Every time I see it, I'll smile.  Even though she never received this one, it will always remind me of her and bring back good memories.  And the border is a scrappy seminole border which is the skill of the month for the cyber-quilters.  I'm counting that as my project.  Well I can count if it I get it quilted and finished :)  I think this time, I just might be able to get this one done.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Kaleidoscope Blocks

Not much sewing this week. Work was crazy and all the girls were home to celebrate turning 20.  I have survived 3 teenage girls.  3 down, 1 to go :).  But I did manage to get a little caught up on my Kaleidoscope blocks.  All 30 are done.  I still need to do a little more rearranging,   Just a little, I am REALLY trying to keep this scrappy looking and not too controlled, but man that's hard for me!

Not too sure about the borders, I would really like to so something like below, but I think I'm going to browse the flickr group and see what other fabulous ideas are out there.

I also got a box of old army uniforms from my niece who would like a quilt made out of them.  I have some dark brown that I can use with it.  There are two different uniforms, one lighter camouflage  and the other darker colors.  Any one have any ideas on that one?  There is a bag of patches too.  Suggestions  please!!!!