Monday, April 1, 2019

H2H and Care Givers Quilt Drive 2019 - Update

Oh they did it again!  This team is absolutely amazing.  Two more quilt tops complete, 3 new ones started, 3 quilted - Wow!! So lets take a look at the finished ones first.  I'm really into the big block quilts this year,  I love this pattern.  My husband saw the quilting pattern and said it looks like turnips or onions.  Well, that wasn't quite the impact that I wanted to have, but it's done!

Quilt pattern is Mesmerize by Claudio Pfeil and Patricia Ritter
So Fine thread on top - Hobbs Poly Down batting

Another big block quilt, these colors just really appeal to me, going to miss this one.  We were working so hard.  Dorthory got this one done, put it on the design board and then right on the frame. We had it the board and said, "yes!! I like it"  Neither of us say the wayward blocks.  Didn't even see the misplaced blocks until I was winding down for the evening.  Yes that's right, *after* I finished quilting it.  There *may* have been a few inappropriate words spoken.  It's a big block quilt and there is just no place to hide, it had to be fixed.  Found my trusty seam ripper and got to work the next morning.  I ripped out the quilting on the two naughty blocks and about an inch all the way around.  Had a good talking to those blocks, got them back in line then hand sewed them back in place. Threw it back on the frame and re-quilted the small space. Ahhhh so much better.  Isaac was very pleased when it was all completed. 
Looks bettter (see picture below)  e2e pattern is Beau Jangles - Apricot Moon Design, Glide thread, Hobbs Poly Down batting

Do you see those naughty blocks?

Yes Isaac, I agree, much better
The last finish.  We've been working on this one for years, doing a leaders and enders thing.  Love how this one turned out 
 A little ruler work,  a little FMQ, a little computerized quilting
Forget Me Not Block 1 - Janet Lee Santeusanio - computerized center

So Fine thread top and bottom, hobbs poly down batting
Then an additional top was finished, the last of the big blocks. I just adore this one.  Kim finished this one. LOL she said she wasn't leaving until it was done!

It looks fabulous!  I see Janice's mini photo bombing this one :)
Three more got started

Laurie and Dorothy hard at work!

Abby was sampling a couple machines this trip.  

Need to make sure they have snacks within easy reach 
This will look great with the navy, wide range of colors is so exciting

this one with the white, a little less range in color, a little more calming 
Blues and a bit more muted, will go with a light grey, even more calming.

Phew, they wear me out!  So where are we in our totals?

Finished                        - 5
Waiting to be quilted    - 4
in progress                    - 4
cut or waiting in queue - 3

That gives us a grand total of 16!!!!  Twice what our goal was. WOW!!! Stayed tuned, these folks are not done yet!  Next get together is April 14. 

Oh have you heard about Country Quilters of McHenry Opportunity quilt?  Our guild pieced the quilt and I quilted it.  It's a queen size 90 x 90, custom heirloom quilting, two layers of batting, Hobbs Heirloom blend and wool on top.  Appraised at over $2700.  If you would like a chance to win, head on over to the on-line ticket sales.  Go ahead, zoom in close, I think you'll like it!  And it could be yours!

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