Friday, May 18, 2012

Whooping it up on Friday

well I have no sewing at all this week.  But I do have something to whoop about, look what Kat from Scrapbox Quilts gifted to me.  Oh my goodness!!  Isn't it gorgeous?????  I can not wait to get this on the frame and quilt it.  It just fits so perfectly with the decor at my house.  And that's not all she sent enough fabric that I can make matching placemats.  Thanks Kat!!

Stop by Sarah's to see what everyone else is whooping about. 


  1. Gee Sue. You have an enormous table. I expect this runner was meant to be yours! kismet and all that, eh? lol

  2. An amazing lovely for you to receive this from your friend! It certainly suits the table1

  3. Wow - I don't blame you for whooping about that! What a gorgeous runner!!!


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