Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Baby Miles has some bedding!!

He's got a bed skirt with little manly pleats, no ruffles please.  Owls on the outside, strips on the inside.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  Though it seems the crib skirts are just a bit longer than I remember a few years ago, ok over 10 years ago....maybe the memory just isn't what it use to be.

I used the Michael Miller pleated crib pattern which can be found here  I wanted to use the striped material for the lining, but decided to save it for something cuter.  I had some green polka dot fabric that worked quite nicely I think.  Especially since no one will really see it ;)  I did leave out one part of the pattern for the pleat ties. I wasn't really sure that those were for and I left them out. It looked like it actually kept them open a bit rather than closing them.  Hmm, maybe that was the point? Oh why can't I just follow a pattern for goodness sakes.

I don't have a crib at the house so I had to improvise a little.  Cutting table worked quite nicely I think.  Oh, you'll have to ignore some of the mess, I was in a Baby Miles sewing zone.

And we have little bumpers for the crib, owls on one side, wild and crazy zigzag on the other, with some stripe covered cording at the top.  Michael Miller had an adorable bumper pattern that had the cording all the way around.  If I would have been a bit more ambitious and had a little more of the stripe material I may have gone for it, but I'm lazy and didn't have enough.  And I found this pattern that only had it at the top, which I thought was pretty darn cute, and easier.

Ok, I should get back to sewing.  I still have 4 more bumper sections to do.  Linking up with Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations and Judy at Patchwork Times

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall

Good thing I have a day off and get to do only those things I want to do, like join the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy's Creative Side.  So many wonderful quilts to see, if you haven't joined in before, you really should give it a try.  Here's my Entry - True Lovers Knot

This is a wedding gift for my husband's God Son.  I wanted something really special for them.  Every time I see Becky and Mike together, you can just feel how much they love each other.  The True Lovers Knot pattern seemed very appropriate.  This was the first time I did a two color quilt.  Mike's favorite color is Blue and I wanted a sharp contrasting color to go with it.  The yellowish-orange worked very well!!

It really was very easy to piece and get the top completed. But then I just had no idea how to quilt this darn thing!  I really got into machine quilting this year and wanted to do something spectacular, but with such a busy pattern nothing really came to me.  It took me literally 5 months to finally start quilting this thing. I ended up just quilting in the ditch.  I did make it so that on the back  you can see how the knot weaves in and out.  Even with just SITD, there was a bit of quilting on this one!!  But I did learn that some times, the piecing does say it all and a sometimes, less is more.

Have fun at the Quilt Festival!!   

I'm go to sew until I can't sew anymore today!!

Yep that's right.  I have a day off and the ONLY thing I want to do today is SEW!!!!  Ahhhhh, that feels good :)  I'm just finishing up some coffee.  Doing a little blog hopping this morning for inspiration and them me and these lovely fabrics are going to make magic happen.   Little Miles (Smiles) is coming in a couple of months and needs a few things for his room.  Today we're going to be working on a bed skirt and bumpers for his crib and a sheet to go with his baby quilt (shown here ).

One last cup of coffee and I will be all ready to get moving.  Hope everyone has just as wonderful of a start to the weekend as I will to mine!!

I even to link up with Sarah this Friday, for  Whoop Whoop Friday, come and join the fun! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Bag Crazy

Too much work and not enough sewing makes Sue a crabby apple.  Yep, that's right, down right crabby I tell you! But I was able to get some sewing in this week. Bright happy colors to push that crabbiness away for a little while.  I was looking at some of the yahoo groups for just a couple of minutes last week when someone mentioned making bags.  I thought that would be great for the nieces and nephews.   I was previously considering pizza coasters, but thought that might require too much explaining.  I like gifts to be self explanatory! So I was looking around and took some ideas for 3 or 4 different places.  I really liked this one but it didn't seem sturdy enough for  what I wanted.  I loved the straps and the comment about needing to be 100% washable.  Moda also had a bag that I liked loved the different fabrics, could use up some of those larger scraps.  I added batting to mine and seam here and a seam there and came up with these.   If you would like I can post the pattern that I used for these.   Just let me know.

I also finished up the owl quilt.  I added some more things to the lonely guitar player.  I also gave him a little tattoo on his upper wing.  It's a heart and inside is says Mom, what rocker doesn't have a cute tattoo :)

Now to gear up for another busy week, only a few more and then hopefully things will slow down a bit.  I still have a whole lot of Christmas sewing to many days left  until Christmas????

Linking up with Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations and Judy at Patchwork Times

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just a little sewing these past few weeks

Work as been super crazy lately and not expected to let up for another 4-6 weeks.  But  I did manage to get a little sewing in.

My daughter was out and wanted to work on her baby quilt. She wanted Owls, and  that's exactly what sh'es getting!!  We really got moving and got things done!!  All I have to do is sew the borders on and the top is done.  I think something needs to be added to the guitar owl don't you?  Speakers?  Drums?  Needs a little something on that one. Any ideas?