Monday, December 10, 2018

Hexie Quilt done

Well Becky's big beautiful girl is done!  I love the back as much as I love the front.  So sad to see her go (lol, she's still sitting in the box in  my living room).  I went over that quilt three times, top and botton and thought I found all the items that I missed.  I *ALWAYS* always, find something I missed on custom quilting after I take it off the frame (this is why I don't put thread away first).  This is also a large part of the reason I do take a lot of pictures, it helps you find the small spots that you missed.  I have a quilt (my picnic quilt) that I found and entire half square triangle not quilted (it was a nine in block!). The fabric were so busy you couldn't tell.  I still haven't fixed that one.  But I did put Becky's quilt back on the frame to fix that one little spot.  I should have taken a picture of how I did it.  Lucky for me it was the corner.  The magnet that I have don't work all that well with double batting.  So I simply pinnd about 18 inches of the background to the top bar.  Bot the quilt tight enough over the lower bar and stitched the remaining area.  Worked like a charm and I didn't have to load that huge quilt again.  There would been a wee bit if swearing in the studio if that were involved. But we were able to keep it clean
See that little square that wsn't quilted?  Well it's quilted now!!

Here you go the last pictures of Becky's Baby, she really needs a name, I feel like I know this sweet thing so well!!  There is a little bit of sadness (not the right word but, the right word is escaping me currently) when you finish a project that is  so big and takes so long.   Yes you take it off the frame and do a happy dance because it's done and almost like the pictures in your heard.  After the rejoicing  you realize it's time to start a new one and that brief moment,like when you say good bye to a friend that you've enjoyed seeing sets in.  I hope Becky loves the texture of the new quilt and how the back looks like a flower garden.

love love love the texture

Here's some fun facts on this quilt

2 layers of batting - Hobbs wool and Hobbs cotton
7000+ yards of 3 different shades of blue - So Fine thread top and bottom
over half a billion hand guided stitches ( that's a lot of stitches)
size 105 x 120
In 8 hours I could complete 3 rows including staring, ripping stitches, marking, thread changes etc. and then another 8 hours at the end going over it from top to bottom to find those darn places where I missed

Total quilting time - there were 14 rows - I"m putting it at 50 hours.  it might be a little high, I was going pretty fast on the second half.  But it's a good learning opportunity in pricing.  Stitch in the ditch and pearls always bring things to a screeching halt.
I think I love the back as much as the front

This color palette is wonderful

Good bye Big Girl, I"ll miss you!  Thanks for letting me quilt for you Becky.

Next up is a signature quilt for Adelina.  This will be custom but no stitch in the ditch and mostly free motion.  I have a little computerized quilting that will go in this one.

There was one incredibly bright point in the week, remember those cute Ho Ho blocks that were the lottery blocks for the quilt guild?  I WON!!!!!  I was so excited.  14 of those of beauties.  I'm going to make 15 more.  And something even more exciting, Miles (6 year old grand son) wants to help make them!  What, are you kidding me?  No, no, this is not a joke, he really wants to help.  If he want's to help with just one or all 16 he can help.  I think he likes the black the 301, maybe the green 301.  But looks right past the feather weights.  Which ever machine he wants to you is what we will do. So excited about that!
I can't wait to have Miles help me with the remaining blocks.  I think he may have his eye on the long arm too!! Oh may would that be heaven or what?
Just to show that I don't have to quilt everything to death (Although I must say Beck was enabler with the last one) Here's a quick little thing that has an edge to edge.  The pattern came with the machine, now sure what the name its but really fits nicely with the geometric fabrics.  The quilt is called Vast and is 18 in HST.  I love quilts from big block!
Vast Quilt

Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine thread light grey

Take a look at the linky parties on the side bar, so much to be inspired by, go spread some linky love.  Have a great week!


  1. That is some beautiful quilting in the hexie quilt. Most impressive. I hope your customer appreciates it! And lucky you with the HO blocks. Very cute. That will make a really fun Christmas quilt. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love the hexie quilt. In fact I think I love the back more than the front. Wonderful quilting on both quilts and congrats on the HO win.

  3. Hexie quilt - Magnificent!! You created an heirloom, it's not right to go back to another owner.

  4. Beautiful Hexie quilt!! The quilting "made" this quilt!!

  5. Wow! The hexie quilt is amazing! All that quilting is stunning, but the back takes the prize! I wouldn't be able to let that quilt go...ever!!

  6. OMG, the hexie quilt's quilting is beautiful! I actually love the back as much as the front. Truly spectacular work.

  7. Beautiful! Especially the "other front" side! Thhis would make a beautiful whole cloth!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Your quilting has added a whole new level to a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on winning the block lottery and have fun making more blocks with your grandson :)

  9. Your quilting is stunning on each and everyone of these quilts. They are all lovely finishes

  10. They are all lovely but that! Stunning!


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