Sunday, November 17, 2013

DWM Finally!!!

I can't believe my last post was on 10/23.  My how time flies!  Work has been keeping me plenty busy these days but I've found some time to get some much need quilting therapy.

I've been making baby quilts :)  I LOVE baby quilts.  The husband hasn't been working for a while, and I though hey it doesn't cost me anything to make these as I have it all right there in my sewing room so why not get busy and see if you could see a quilt or two.  I know I'll never get the cost of the materials and the time. But hey, I won't get anything at all if it sits in the closet all nicely organized!  Also thinking about quilting services too.  Quilting is my favorite part of the whole process.

So, here I have 3 finish and 3 tops done.  The first three are Jelly roll quilts.  All there were based on the Strip and Flip Tutorial which can be found here.

This is the left overs from my Budding Nine Patch (seen later in this post).  Simple, quick and fun!

Contempo Pantograph - Urban Elements
Baby Jelly Roll - Rainbow
Baby Jelly Roll Rainbow - back
Next is  little girl quilt, I had a jelly roll and add a couple of solids and was able to get two out of all that.   This one uses one of my favorite pantographs - Splat by Anne Bright.  This Jelly Roll sat in my closet for well over a year and finally put it good use!  Love the colors.

Splay close up
Splat Front
Splat pantograph
Splat Back - cozy flannel
And the second one from the same jelly roll.  I did a free hand  all over swirl on this one.  The quilting goes so fast with free hand.

Free hand Swirls front
Free hand swirls detail
Love the texture of the swirls
Swirls Back
And then there are a few tops together waiting to be quilted - On the frame right now, without a single stitch in is is Budding 9 patch.  I have the eq7 file that I'll post in the next week or two on the tutorials and EQ7 tab

Budding 9 patch.  
And of course there are baby quilts - the first two are from Kate Blakesley and can be found here  Super quick, super fun and looks great!!  A boy and a girl version
Girl Marmalade Squares
Boy Marmalade Squares
And the last one is my favorite :)   I used the left overs from this one for the Boy Marmalade Square.  This is New Port Beach pattern from Judy Martin. I've made this quilt, twice before and I just love. Quick easy and makes such a statement! I LOVE the colors in this one.  I'm actually making two of these.  15 fat quarters, a little background fabric and you get 3 quilts, nice!!
New Port Beach
Well those were a lot of bright and more modern looking fabrics eh? How about this one for some more traditional quilting.  I finally finished the last of the 8 pointed starts !!!  WooHoo!  I honestly don't think I will ever make a 7 inch unfinished 8 pointed starts and put little tiny 4 patches in it!  Nope, not gonna happen with me ever again :)  But I like it so far.  The last border is really suppose to before all those 8 pointed stars, but mine came out a little bit smaller, so swapped the placement of the border and all is good again.
Common Bride
And there we have it, ahhhhh.  Linking up with the usual sources of inspiration and quilty goodness.

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