Monday, August 27, 2012

DWM - Table Runner Quilted

One big long table runner

freehand all over whimsical feathers

the back of the table runner
I got a text from my daughter around noon on Friday telling me she had a wedding shower on Sat afternoon, could I just whip up a table runner?  Really???  Work is crazy and I had a shopping trip planned with one of her sisters on Sat morning.  I don't "whip" things up.  I take my time, painfully picking patterns, then fabrics, it's a process that I just can't do all that fast.  So the answer was no to her.  But it did get me in the mood to make a table runner for myself, is that really bad?   I made the table runner because I want to try an all over freehand pattern for the quilting.  I liked it.  This is the first time I've done the whimsical feathers and the first time I've done a hook feather.  Great practice.  The table runner was 32 colors from a batik jelly roll, sewed them together, cut them to 20 inch sections and was done, hmmm I guess that is whipping something up.  Well you know it only took me 3 hours to decide on something this simple :)  Just need the binding and done.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

QOV Quilts

I feel like it's been forever since I've been able to sew or quilt!  But I changed that this weekend.  I was able to finish up 2 quilts that were sent from Bonnie in PA.

The first  I did was a log cabin, isn't it stunning, I just love this one.  I wanted so badly to fill it with all kinds of filler quilting so those stars would stand out.  But I dug down deep and found some quilters restrain and left it nicely quilted for someone to use :)  In each of the colored log cabins in the outer border I quilted a star and then in the white center as well.  Nested circle like quilting around the stars.  Then center has diamonds circling the star quilted in the center.  I was trying to get the star in the center more focus.  And the final border has piano key quilting.  Just because  it was simple doesn't mean quick.   This one took me two days to finish.  I think most of the time was spent controlling my need to quilt every square inch that I can ;)

By the time I got the first one finished, time was running out.  I used a panto graph Simply Stars by Patricia E Ritter which went REALLY fast, I made up for time on this one.  It was done in less than 3 hours and I can never quilt anything, not even a baby quilt in less than 3 hours.   The back is all stars and fits very will with this beauty.  Thanks Bonnie for letting me quilt this for your group.  They are beautiful!

And that's it, work is crazy busy and kids need to get back to college.  Not sure how much sewing will get done in the coming weeks but at least I get to look at all the inspiration and beautiful creations.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

DWM and what I did on my summer vacation

It's good to be back and sleeping in my own bed :)  A little bit of sewing on the plane.  They didn't take my scissors :)  I did have some pre-cut lengths of thread just in case I needed a plan B.  I got a couple more diamonds done, almost have a full star.
And before I left I was able to get some paper piecing done 

But that's all the sewing I did because I was busy doing this - yep that's me way up there.  My oldest grandson went first, how could I not go after he went? 

And I was busy watching this - how beautiful - we had a great time at Key West
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