Sunday, June 24, 2012

DWM - last one for June

Really is this the last design wall for June?  Where did June go, can we get it back just for a little while.  Not much sewing this weekend, went to IN to the Shipshewana Quilt Show.  I got a couple more urban nine patch blocks done.

And a little car sewing, it's a 4 hour ride to my daughters one way.  So that was a nice chunk of time for some sewing in the car.  I was able to get one diamond complete there, and one on the way back. I think I just might be getting a little faster.

I'm one diamond short of making a star.  Hmmm well I have a few threads on the design wall don't I???  Oh, that's because it's well loved and used :)

And here is what I've been so anxious to dive into.  The one reason I went was to experience the Bliss Rail system for my Millennium.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed and really couldn't tell the difference between what I have not and the Bliss Rails. I was all set to order them, but nope, what I have is good.  The guy said if you have your table set up well, that it's not that much of a difference.  I"m not touching my table cuz they must have set that baby up perfectly.  So instead I shopped for fabric.  See all those bags, filled with  yummy wonderful fabrics :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

DWM and June Free Motion Quilting Challegne

What a sewing weekend!!  I know I won't be sewing next weekend as I'll be heading to Shipshewana for a quilt show and to spend the day with my oldest daughter. Yep, talked her into going with me.  Promised her I'd buy her ice cream :)  

So what did I get done?  I finished two wonderful tops for QOV.  These came from a group in Columbus, IN.  They have about a dozen gals from "forty something" to age 97 working on tops as well as one man who is the son of one of our quilters and does his piecing as he works a night shift doing computer support from his home. Since they started in April '05 they have completed 2,473 quilts.  Isn't that amazing?   

The first one was made by Flossie, you may have seen this on my summary from FNSI, but showing it again because Flossie is 97 and she made this beauty.  I'm just simply so impressed and excited.  I want to be quilting when I'm 97!!  I used hobbs 80/20 blend for the batting, so fine thread on top, bottom line on the bottom and the panto is Drunken Feathers by Barbara  Becker.  I think it gives a nice soft texture to the quilt.

The second one I just love.  The colors the pattern, just beautiful.  hobbs 80/20, Superior So Fine on top, and bottom line on the bottom.  The panto is Ground Cover by Barbara Becker.  I thought the leaves were great with the jungle prints.  They did a great job with these Quilts of Valor don't you think?

And while the machine was hot and ready to go, I did the June Free Motion Quilt Challenge from Sew Cal Gal (see the botton on the side bar).  I just really had a lot of fun with this one.   I sewed my squiggly line all over and then started doodling and filling in the spaces.  I used two layers of some poly batting that I had in the closet - no idea who makes it or which one, but I liked it :)  I also used silk thread for the first time and I LOVED it.  I was really surprised how nicely the checker board came out since no ruler or marking was involved.  Just eye ball it.  What fun!!  

And then I have the design table.  No idea how this thing is going to go together.  I've started a new mystery from Silly Goose Quilts. They call theirs Calm Blue Ocean.  I'm calling mine Tossed Salad cuz that's what it reminds me of.   I had a bunch of green fabrics on the table that I didn't want to put away, so heck might as well use 'em.  I'm almost caught up, finished parts 1-4 and half way through with 5.  What I can't figure out is the odd number of blocks in step 1:  89 - really???  How is that gonna work???  Even number of blocks in all other steps.

And last my first urban nine patch, love this block   A little brigh huh?  You should see the rest of the fabrics :)  This is going to be for a toddler girl and I think she'll love the bright cheery colors.

That's it, hope everyone has a great week!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Drunken Feathers Pantograph by Barbara Becker / Four Paws Quilting FRPPANTO200

Boy long work day yesterday, but working from home so I saved the commute time again, LOVE when that happens.  And what did I do with that extra time, hmmm, quilted of course :)

I received 2 quilts for QOV to quilt this month.  The first one was done by Flossie who's 97 years old.  Is that amazing or what???? Wow, if I'm quilting then and I don't purchase any more fabric, I just might be able to use my stash up by then.  Seriously Flossie is so inspiring.  

I used a new pantograph which I just LOVE.  It's drunken feathers Barbara Becker - this one was so easy for me  to do and I usually have a hard time with pantos - could it be that I'm getting better at them???

Here's her beauty 

 Stop by and see what others are did for FNSI - 

Handmade by Heidi

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kaleidoscope finally done!!! Wooohooo!!

The whole time I was quilting this (and it took me a looonnnggggg time) I kept wondering if it was going to look half way decent.   Then about 3/4 of the way, I had convinced myself it wasn't but I kept going then at about 80% done I started getting excited thinking it just might look nice.  Then I took it off the frame and I have to say I absolutely love it.  It's just magic when the quilt comes off the frame and you can see the entire thing.  I really really really (I mean REALLY) wish I would have had a solid color backing.   But live an learn.  Next time I plan to quilt something within an inch of it's existence, I'll use a solid color back :)

Details for this one - I used two battings, 70/30 Blend Quilters Dream and Plydown Quilters dream
Thread on top I used 2 strands of bottom line, one white one light to med green, I wanted it lighter so I add the second strand of white.   In the bobbin, bottom line lace white.  My machine really loves 2 strands of bottom line thread.

Now for pictures - seriously I can't believe that *I* quilted that- how the heck did that happen : )

I decided since this was my first finish of the summer that I would add this one to the Summer Sewing Contest.  Lots of beauties there so stop by and see what was made in all the different categories. Quilts are just one category, bags and accessories, home decor and clothing are the others.  Lots and lots of inspiration there.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh, I LOVE Friday's :)

Who doesn't love a Friday????   Especially summer Friday's.  I didn't get a single stitch in this week, not one.   But I have a couple hours before work and since I'm working from home that means I convert the commute time to sewing time.  Can it get any better than that.  

I did do some drawing though.  I am pretty excited about this months sewcalgal free motion quilting tutorial.  Here's some drawings that I've just been playing with during the week. Circles, repeated line and s curves are the 3 elements.  Take all those wonderful things and just try to fill a space. We'll see what comes of them.  It's just fun to doodle sometimes

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

DWM Monday

Well I got a couple more Dear Jane blocks done.  I'm not real happy with A-3, but we'll see if I do it over or not.

Dear Jane Blocks
I finished my Carpenter's Star for Judy's Feather tutorial.  This is going to be a table cloth for my kitchen table which is a big square.  I love the chicken's in the fabric, I thought that was appropriate for feathers :)

Carpenters Star
But I can't quilt it because I have this on the frame.  I have 3.5 rows done and 3/4 of the borders. Getting closer :)

At least there are some feathers in there.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally Friday!!

For being a short week it really seemed like a long week!!  I feel like I haven't gotten much sewing done in quite a while.  Maybe that can change this weekend :)  I did start on the Carpenter's Star for Judy's feather tutorial.  I'm going to make mine square though and use it as a table cloth in the kitchen.  I love the chicken fabric.  I need to sew the blocks together and then I have 3 borders to add.

I won't be ready to start today on the feather tutorial because I have this on the frame and it's gonna take a little while.  I think it took me one complete day to quilt one full row, there's 5 rows to do :)

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