Sunday, March 4, 2018

March Madness

Nothing of my own to show as I'm sewing on the binding by hand all by myself.  Ok I tried to be a big girl and just get that binding done on Old Friends.  I watched 4 movies yesterday (I'm not a movie fan, but thanks to Amazon I do believe I'm ready for the Oscar's now) and only one side is done!!!  One whole day and only 25% done.  Well ok, so I can't really sit still for that long so there may have a little of this or that during those 4 movies.  I ended up using a ladder stitch on the binding, the only way I could do it without it looking like my grandson did it :)  If I would have used a 2.25 in binding rather than 2.5 I think I may have gotten away with machine stitching to the back. But the 2.5 in left too much past the stitch line.  More stitching tonight.    But if I get far enough then I can get started on this beauty - this is Janice's quilt, Old Mill Girls BOM- the colors on this quilt is so amazing.

Oh I have a new addition to the family - I'd like to introduce my newest baby, Bea. I just love her.

Happy quilting everyone!!