Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting my feather fix

Its' been a while since I've quilted feathers so it was nice to get back at it!  Here's a quilt done by a cousin for her new grand daughter.  Isn't that an adorable pattern for the top?  I just love it.   Some simple continuous curves on the nine patches and feathers as a background fill for the applique areas.  I love feathers as back ground fill.
Marking the veins of the background feathers

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 The back is this super soft pink minky with little stars on it, so yummy

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love sewing vacation days!!

I took a day off on Friday so I could sew all day long, and I did.  It was a slow undecided day but once I got rolling there was no stopping me.  I finished the jelly roll quilt.  I had some new thread I wanted to try and I seriously LOVE it.  I had been using Superior So Fine on top and was perfectly happy with that. But I saw a number of people were really happy with Glide. First off, the impression is awesome even before a stitch is made simply because of price.  Almost twice as much for almost half the price, my budget loves that :)  But the real test was on a quilt.  My machine loved it, the tension was great.  I can't wait to try it on a quilt that has a lot of quilting.  So this one is going in the pile for gifts or donations.  It was one of 4 scrap attack quilts I told myself I had to finish before I start a new project!  I really want to learn how to do hook feathers, I think they just add a different dimension over regular feathers.  Not too bad for the first shot at it.  I did an all over hook feather quilting on this one.

Paper piecing was the story of the day.  I finally found some of the red in "Center of My Universe" so that came out and I have all the pieces for 25 more blocks paper pieced.  Just need to get them sewn together.  Maybe I'll have an update on Monday if I can get any more quilting in this weekend.
Center of My Universe
I didn't post design wall Monday cuz the weekend just got away from me.  We went out to IN to celebrate Father's day and 2 B-days - my it was a party weekend!!  But on the way to and from I got some hexies done.  No, idea what this is going to look like in the end but the next round will be purple and gold.

Now that I have some Hexie progress I can link up with Angie for Hexie Friday  and Sarah to see what everyone is whooping about this week&

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A sewing weekend - DWM 6/10 - Scap attack

Oh it's been a while since I took a day off for sewing.   But it's my husband's b-day weekend, so I needed a sewing day as I knew I'd give up plenty of time to that well deserving husband.  So I finally had enough. My scraps were starting to take over.  The biggest problem is that I was finishing projects and not putting things away. Then my scrap basked was super overflowing, something had to give.  Now I have a project that I really want to start (and finish in my lifetime), but I know I can't with the state of my sewing.  So I told myself 4 quilts and finish one of the "in progress" quilts and you can start that wonderful new quilt.  The quilt that I want to do is mentioned here, along with  2 of the 4 quilts for this pledge :)   So I did finish quilt top number 3 and some progress on "in progress" quilt.  Here's what we have
Must finish quilt in progress - blocks sewn together, that's progress :)

This is my favorite block from the bunch

Wait, no this is

Attack Scraps - quilt #3
And the time spent this weekend for the hubs b-day.  He's talked for so many years about his parents taking him camping and never being able to stop and see the Blackhawk Indian. Well ok they were only 10 mins away and to keep 3 boys quiet you would have thought they would have stopped. But we also went to White Pines State Park where they went as kids, and there's no comparison. The parents chose the right start park.  And there's not an 8 flight of stairs drop to the trails (where you can't see the Indian) .  What goes down must come up.  Ok but it's done and we can cross that off the birthday boys bucket list :)
My honey and his Indian
The Indian had quite the view
Must be love right?  8 flights down and then took a different trail back up.

Do you see where the Indian is and where the river front is???? Yep we did that, down and then back up.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Whooping it up on Friday

I want to start a new project so badly.  See this one, Common Bride by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I saw this when I went to the quilt show at Shipshewana last year.  Oh you should have seen this one, my it was absolutely stunning!  Now it's definitely going to be a challenge and it's definitely going to take time, but I am so in love with this quilt.

However, I feel like my scraps are kinda taking over the sewing room and it's hard to find anything.  So I made a deal with myself.  If I can get 4 quilts out of the mountains of scraps (and seriously there are about 14 quilts that can be made with those scraps!) then I could start a new project.  So I got started and 10 fat quarters and 2 yards of fabric later, I had 2 quilt  tops and 2 backs all pieced from the scraps.  2 down, 2 to go.
 This first one is the baby quilt that I start last week.  I had the blue strings that I was going to add to easy street to make it king size.  But I got lazy :)  Now they make a baby quilt.  And the green strings, left over from Orca Bay.  Nice size baby quilt ended up at 40x45.  I used up the last of the green and blue strings along with some flannel scraps for the back.
Those peach and brown scraps literally came from a scrap bag that I won on a give away some time ago.  They were so pretty and just sitting on the table, I found 10 off white jelly roll strips and 10 fat quarters, along with that bag of scraps and here's quilt number 2.  I used the rest of the fat quarters, 2 yards of fabric from my stash and scraps of flannel for the back.  This one ended up a little on the tall and skinny side.  I should have added a couple more strips as most of the strips in the bag were about 30 inches not a full width of fabric.  The colors look much better in person :)

And then I decided that was a bit too easy.  I need to do something with these squares before I start another big project that isn't finished.  I'm stuck on the sashing.  I really wanted to do something curved, fancy and incredible, but hey I'll settle for done.  Any suggestions?  I may need to stare at them a bit longer.

Linking up with Sarah to see what everyone else is whooping about.  


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hands to Help Link up - Happy Chemo and Quilts Beyond Borders - updated

It's  time to  link up for Hands to Help, June already, my goodness!!!  I have 3 done and the  last one I should get done today.  2 for Happy Chemo, 2 for Quilts Beyond Borders.  I'll update later today when I get the last one done

Twinkle Back
First up is Twinkle - I used a layer cake for this one that I have been wanting to use for over a year.  What wasn't on the front of the quilt was used on the back, no scraps to put in the scrap bin on this one!  Left over  flannel finishes the back.

Masculine Pezzy Chevron Quilt
Quilting detail
Masculine Pezzy Chevron Back
Next is boys chevron quilt.  After the fast and easy quilting on Twinkle I felt the need to do something a bit more time consuming.  But not that bad, was able to get it quilted in a day.  I do like the quilting on this one.  I used the masculine colors from Pezzy Charm Packs.  I had 4 of them and I want to use up. Throw in some solids and you've got a chevron quilt. Ikea fabric on the back with some left over solid  squares to make it wide enough.  I LOVE the ikea fabrics for the back of quilts.

Feminie Pezzy Chevron Quilt
quilting detail
Feminine Pezzy Chevron back
The  Feminie Pezzy Chevron Quilt uses the rest of the Pezzy Charm Packs.  I had a pink sheet that I used for the back of this one.  Just an free hand overall swirly sort of pattern for the quilting. This went very quickly.  It was the first time I did a free hand overall pattern that wasn't feathers so I was a little nervous but I think it turned out fine. I  used a med to dark tan thread for  the quilting.  I must have tried a dozen different threads.  It's not easy to match with all those crazy colors.  But the tan was just right.  I have all the ovals going the right way on the other Chevron quilt, but I cut the red ones wrong, dang. Not sure anyone but  a quilter would notice :)
H2H - Double D9P
H2H - Double D9P Back
And the final quilt is on the frame done, yahoo!!!  I'm used the same panto as Twinkle - Fantasy Flames, I still don't see the flames.   The last one if the double disappearing nine patch.   Cyber quilters had a QAL and this one came out of that.   Used quite a few shirts with the solids for  all these quilts.   There's one blue shirt that I have used in a least 5 quilts, that  shirt  if finally gone.  Wish I had a couple more of that one. I used the extra squares and half triangle from the edges on the back.  I still have some solid 5 inch squares, but used quite a bit of things laying around the sewing room

Don't forget to stop by Sarah's and see all the wonderful quilts for these two charities, she'll have the link up all week long.  Thanks Sarah for hosting again this year!
Fresh Squeezed
And since I'm in such a "I need to use these scraps rather than put them away" mood, I started another baby quilt.  I'm using the teal strings which were going to go on Easy Street, but I got lazy. I had a really cute charm back laying there (fresh squeezed) and used the strings for some HSTs.  I'll use the rest of the green strings as a border.  Now, I'm certain I can use up some more of those scraps.