Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last finish of 2013

Just have to get the binding on but I would be out of natural light by the time that does.  Shessh talk about taking something simple and making it about as complex as it can get.  I think I'll hang this one in the new studio when it's done.    This is definitely not one that would be good for cuddling on the couch with a good book :) All right I have it out of my system now.  Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lollipop Panel Finished

What fun this was.   I have another of these panels and can't wait to get it done as well. Why did I wait so long?  I treated it like an applique and stitch in the proverbial ditch and then echo.  Add some background fills and you've got a really sweet Shower gift in a jiffy!!  Took me 4 hours to quilt this one.   I think the next one I will cut off the fish so that it's a more normal size baby quilt.  Invisible thread for the outlining, Glide for the background quilting, Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Free motion quilting large swirls in the border, small swirls in the sky, grass and waves.  Batting is Hobbs 80/20.  A nice cozy flannel for the back and it's ready to go in the washing machine.

Lollipops Panel
Lollitpops Detail
Lollipops Detail
Lollipops back
Here's the last of the four stocking that quilted.  I had all four of these on the frame at once.  I drew the outline of the front for all four and just had fun quilting.  Then rolled it and did traced the 4 backs - this backs just got simple quilting.  The last one is the "reindeer antlers"  by the time I did that one I just wanted to be done.  It was suppose to be snowflakes but I got lazy.  I saw the stencil that I had and thought it looked close enough to Antlers for me!!  I think the poinsettia flowers and the Christmas light are my favorites out of the bunch.

 So far I have 9 of the stocking sewn together and 4 that are completed.  I've got some time to finish up the rest of these right ;)  I quilted the names and then used fabric paints.  I think on the next ones I'll try making the cuff a bit bigger.  I'll add a few pictures on how I did the cuff as well.

The big question I have is what do you do with all those flannel scraps?  I've used flannel backing on the last 10 or so quilts and the extras from all the stockings.  Now what do I do with all those scraps?

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Sums it all up...

That's what I'm calling this one.  I saw the black and white version of Graphic Cross Quilt  in Modern Patchwork magazine and that is what inspired "Sums it all Up".  A few solid charms laying around, add a solid background and a border to hold it all in and I got this one done in no time.  Santa did drop off a copy of Judy Madsens' "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" and it's bursting with all kinds of goodness just waiting to be tried on the wide open spaces of this quilt :)
Sums it all Up
And a few more blocks done for Common Bride - 20 of the HST blocks and the flower stem blocks are done.  Ok I cheated on the flower stem blocks. They are suppose to be pieced, but I just appliqued that stem on a nice even square.
Common Bride
The last thing that I threw together is a panel that I've want to quilt for quite some time.  Isn't this the cutest panel?  I put a border on it and called it done.  Can wait to get this on the frame too!
Lollipop Panel
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season!!

 And look what Santa brought for me, canisters filled with scraps!  Seriously how does that guy know ;)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Design Mantle Monday - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well I don't really have a mantle but if I did, these would be hanging on them :)  Still need to embroider names on the cuffs but I was doing the fun stuff all weekend.  No piecing just quilting.  5 more to go.  Hopefully when I get the cuffs on there will be some natural light to show the quilting a bit more.  Guess who gets the stocking with the feathers :)
Oops Green one still has marking on it 

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful for a week of finishes :)

Not much new on the design wall, but I gave April a work out this long weekend with some much needed quilting therapy!
Budding Nine Patch Front
Budding Nine Patch Close Up
Budding Nine Patch Back
First up is Budding Nine Patch.  Continuous curve everywhere.  I marked the bigger ones and freehand the smaller ones.  Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide on top, Bottom line in the bobbin. Scrappy borders, love.  A couple extra blocks on the back.

Next up are a couple of baby quilts - Marmalade Squares by Kate Blakesly a Boy and a girl version. First the boy version.  Batting is Hobbs 80/20, pantograh is Ground Cover by Barbra Becker, Glide thread on top, Bottom line on the bottom.  Nice cozy flannel on the back.  I love this pantograph, I wanted something organic to go with the bear and deer and think this filled the bill.
Marmalade Squares Boy Front
Marmalade Squares Boy - close up
Marmalade Squares Back 
And here's the Girl version. This is the last one I quilted during the weekend, I needed to go crazy on a quilt and this was right in front of me.  Hobbs poly down batting, glide on top, bottom line in the bobbin and flannel on the back.   I used a stencil, but will have to find out what stencil it was and who made it.  I used the pink pounce that wipes off with material or cotton batting, loved it.
Marmalde Square - Girl

Another Baby Boy Quilt - Judy Martins Newport Beach.  Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide on Top, Bottom Line in the bobbin, Flannel on back.  Flipping Frawns by Barbra Becker.
Newport Beach - Baby size
Newport Beach Close up
Newport Beach Back
Here's Posie Patch from an Amy Ellis book.  Hobbs Polydown batting, Glide on Top, Bottom Line in bobbin, Fanfare Grande by Patricia Ritter.  This is one of my very Favorite pantographs, I just love the way it looks stitched out.

Posie Patch Up close - colors look bad here
Posie Patch Back
And one last finish.  This is for the cancer ward at the local hospital.  My sister in law made this one from a jelly roll that I got for Christmas last year.  Poly down batting, pink flannel back, Glide on Top and Bottom line in the bobbin. Free hand all over feathers.

All over free hand feathers

And that's it!!  Time to go back to my day job.  Oh but I've added a new tab to the blog, "Etsy Store".  Yep I did it.  The husband isn't working so he's doing some pantographs (he's actually better then me at panto's) so we opened the store for quilting services and a quilt or two.

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