Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hands 2 Help 2019 May 5 sync up - you're gonna be amazed!

One of my favorites - this is going to one of our care givers.
Is it May already?  Oh my where does time go?  I'm happy to say that we have a number of new members.  Bob, Liane, Laurie, Dorothy, and Veronika - all have been hanging around for years and I love them all so much.  We have some new helpers in the sweatshop this year, Abby, Sue, Jodi, and Kim have been with us and it's been amazing.   Kathleen is helping with quilting and binding and Cari has helped to bind a quilt as well.  Annette also donated 2 quilts to the cause. That is what love is, giving of your time to share good will, compassion and love to those who needed it. we are syncing up - are you ready to be amazed, cuz I sure am!!  Here's a look at the finished quilts.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, you might need a snack, we've got stuff to let's get started
fabrics that have been used from many quilts for Hands2 Help over the last 7 years

Simple quilt with graphic edge to edge quilting gives it a bit of a different looks - modern moon

Big Block Quilts were my thing this year
graphic edge to edge can really makes a difference-mesmerize

Bonnie Hunters Good Fortune - this will go to a care giver
edge to edge quilting, flower fans seemed appropriate
One of my favorites, front and back this is one of the brightest quilts ever! Jodi has her mark all over this quilt
simple edge to edge capri feathers 

Leftover blocks from H2H 5 or 6 years ago, Jodi knew just what to do with them!!  She definitely taught me a thing or two about using prints, love it!

edge to edge - tried to find a pattern that complimented the large print - far east leaf I was pleased!
Beau Jangles edge to edge  
Isaac approved!

Abby quilted this, her first time at a long arm, amazing free motion, she's a natural!

Annette donated two quilts .  She had a queen size quilt that she really didn't like so she split it in two and practiced some custom quilting on these!

 Wow!!! that's a lot of finishes and we're not done yet! 10 tick marks in the finish column!

We also have a pile of quilts that are waiting to be quilted
Using up some of those left over strings, Sue mad this I love the colors together. She had some blocks that didn't work the way she wanted in her quilt so decided to use them with the strings, fabulous!!

Bright and cheery!

Kim put the Spools big block quilt together, Love it!!

This may be my favorite big block quilt, wait have I said that already?

A little more calming with blues greens and reduced color range

Kim made this soft flannel quilt, we just need to flip that top row and it's ready to quilt

Butterscotch - this was pieced many many years ago, it's finally going to be finished
I really want to custom quilt this one, but we'll see if time allows
phew - that's 8 quilts waiting to be quilted.  I've used up all my batting scraps on these as well.  I love the king rolls as I can use two scrap pieces for one quilt.  For just about every 4 quilts I make, I get a scrap batting for a comfort quilt, love it!!!  That gives us 8 tick marks in the waiting to be quilted column.

Here's the quilts that are in progress.
still debating the layout of these strings - there's so many more, they just won't stop

Betty's blocks - still working on getting those together.
Kathleen has one that she is making that puts 3 tic marks in the in progress row.   There's still one more session before the big party / quilt show on June 9, I wouldn't be surprised if these crazy people came up with a couple more!!

Summary - are you ready for this? did you make it this far? If you did please hold on as I have a request after the summary

  • Finished -                   10
  • Waiting to be quilted - 8
  • in progress -                 3

  • Grand total            21!!!!   

A record breaking year - congrats to all the team members who  gave time and creative energy to the process!  My heart is so completely full. 

I do have a request.  I need more caregivers.  With this record breaking year of quilts we have many more quilts to give to than we originally thought.  I will ship quilts I don't have a problem with that.   I'm looking for those that go the extra mile and honestly can't help but care for others. These people are special they are all around us, nurses, doctors, teachers, neighbors, volunteers, psychologist, managers, house wives, house husbands, brothers, sisters, they are everywhere.  These people feel, they have high levels of empathy and they are concerned about the well being of others, whether they know you or  not.  When they see someone who needs something, they feel as well and do everythng they can to comfort and care for those who have a need.  Because they feel so much and they give so much for others, they need a little self care. That's what these quilts are for.  If you know of anyone that fits the bill and goes the extra mile to make sure that someone is cared for, send me note.  Do you have a neighbor watching out for a loved one?  A Dr or nurse that goes the extra mile?   A Day care provider, one of our submissions was for a woman who but her retirement on hold for three years to care for two precious brothers of a child she watched for years.  Please, let's recognize those people just this time.  Have you ever been given a quilt?  I was given one for the first time fairly recently and I have to say it is the best feeling ever.  So lets give that feeling to someone who really cares. Thanks!!

Now that was a posted wasn't it!  My goodness. I'll be sharing this at all the linky parties on the sidebar so please stop by all the parties and go get inspired!!


  1. Holy cow that is a lot of fabulous quilts! Congrats to you and your team;)

  2. Hi Sue! What a glorious post of goodness. Twenty-one quilts is amazing. I don't have a caregiver to nominate at this time, but your call of them will certainly flush out some fabulous ones. I look forward to reading about where these pieces end up going, if you are able to share. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That is quite a nice donation of quilts. What is the name of the edge to edge pattern done on the large block quilt that has a gray background and pink and assorted triangles? It really fits that quilt style well.

  4. Wow-oh-wow! What a fantabulous group of people working on spectacular quilts! Several of these photos went right into my idea files for future pondering. Kudos all around :)

  5. What an amazing bounty!! Each one I saw became my favorite!! LOL

  6. What a fantastic and varied collection of comfort quilts. So many ideas for future projects. I love the colors in the Good Fortune quilt, much better than the original which I chose not to do this year. Your team wins a gold star, blue ribbon and any other award given for first place.

  7. WOW!!! These are amazing! Love all the quilting! Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward!

  8. Amazing job quilters. Caregivers are awesome and I think sometime forgotten. I can think of three caregivers that I know who go above and beyond taking care of loved ones and others. One is a friend who is taking care of his wife who has Alzheimer’s, one who is taking care of his wife who has been sick since that summer and now they found out she has bladder cancer and a nurse at our local hospital who also is a big sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters besides taking care of patients at the hospital.. Thanks for helping think of others who could use a Quilty hug of comfort. Now I need to get busy and sew more quilts.

  9. So many wonderful quilts. I love the Beau Jangle quilt - the colors are fantastic, and the quilting complements it perfectly! Thanks for sharing these beauties on Main Crush Monday.

  10. Wow Sue, your quilting is really stunning!

  11. So many beautiful quilts! The quilting is fantastic!

  12. Wow..that's a lot of great quilts. Well done. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.


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