Monday, March 13, 2023

Design Wall Monday March 13

Happy Monday!!  Just when I thought my design wall couldn't get any more colorful, well I just added another layer!!  The Queen of the Nile from Pride and Joy Quilting is a new guest on the design wall as we gets started, just completely smitten with her!

I think I need a bigger design wall!!

But alas there is some custom quilting that must be done and it's a great wintery day to get that started.   But I will have the queen of the Nile peeking over my should as I quilt.

Did I tell you about my wonderful time in FL?  I spent two full weeks at Santa Rosa Beach with a friend who graciously and generously hosted.  We did watercolor (I painted people who actually look like people!!!), we made a small collage project, made some hearts for IFAQH foundation, some slow stitching on a project that I can't share or they will boot me right of the group and not look back, there was mediation at the ocean front almost every morning, some really good seafood, a quilt show, some thrifting, some shelling and the BIGGEST and BEST  fish sandwich I've had in life (and that's quite a few years....)  I now understand why people snow bird.  I just can't tell you the impact to my psyche with the sun shining, the greenery and the sound of the gulf coast, did my soul good!  I am definitely a midwestern girl, there's no doubt about that.  But finding a place to go that is sunny and warm for a month in the winter, is now on my todo list. Phew, time for vacation right?

this is what daily morning beach walk and meditation were like

Sunsets all different, all beautiful

Spreading some quilty love

I hope someone found and felt the good vibes coming their way

Cooper loved a morning walk and mediation too!!

Some slow stitching by the sea, this is a sharable project!

there were a few little sand creations found along the way

Shells, shells and more shells!!! what fun we went home with so many!

Peg Leg Pete's in Pensacola area  - hands down the best fish sandwich I have had in over 60 years!!  The grouper was amazing!

And there we are seeing Forest Williams at a local bar, the ladies were with were hot and everyone wanted to dance with them.  What a great time, thanks Kim!!

I did actually finish a couple things of my own.

My Squash squad is now complete!!  Yeah, she will be entered into the NSQG show in May.  She has a double bat, 80/20 with wool on top.  FMQ with 60 wt thread.

My first real collage (not counting the peacock).  I added a little yarn couching to this guy.  I started with some thread painting and that was taking way too long, so I stepped up my game and add some yarn.  Less than 2 hours to finish this little guy.  This will be my mini donation for the sale at NSQG show in May.  I hope he's not the last one there!!

Judy has a blog post on her Birds of Feather Quilt here. This quilt, I'll never make one but if someone wants to make one like this for me, we can trade quilt top for custom quilting.  I just absolutely adored this quilt and I hope she'll enter in a show.  Judy has more pics on her blog, check hers out too! She's got the story about the pattern and how this came about. It's a good one!

Don't forget to check out all the linky parties on the side bar. So much to be inspired by! Have a great quilty week!