Monday, May 29, 2017

Has really been almost a year since my last post???

Oh boy, it has been a long time. Sure hope I remember how to do this!  So, what's been going on since June of 2016?  Sold the house, got a new one.  I started a new job.  Now we're all settled in the new job, settled in the new house and I *finally* got to break in the new sewing room.  Part of me loved the space at the old house so much that it was really hard to get started, but that's all behind me now.  Spending time in the new space was like catching up with a good friend that you have seen in a while.  Ok, here's what I got done.....see I've been doing stuff :)

New Sewing room,

New little toy for the long arm, I really don't like Pantographs and this makes the edge to edge to much more bearable!  Oh the precision of this little guy....

And here's what that new toy can do - look at those swirling hexies, I never could have done that hand guided.  The pantograph is Honeycomb by Patricia Ritter, batting is Hobbs 80/20, thread is glide

Patricia Ritter Honeycomb, Hobbs 80/20 Batting, Glide thread

This is Megan's first quilt, we made this about 2 years ago, boy and I'm finally getting it quilted.  At least it got done before she started high school.  Pantograph is Daisy Doodle by Patricia Ritter, batting is hobbs polydown and thread is glide.  The circles, oh so nice.
Patricia Ritter Daisy Doodle, Hobbs Polydown Batting, Glide Thread

The back, sure hope that hot pink flannel doesn't run.  

This is a quilt that our group made last year for charity quilts, just now starting to get them quilted.  The fabrics shot cottons, love how they look up close.  Pantograph is spinning rays by Jessica Schick, another one I never could have done hand guided.  Batting is Hobbs Polydown, thread is Superior So Fine.

Jessica Schick Spinning Rays, Hobbs Poly Down batting, Superior So Fine thread

Love the back

Of course I would much rather be doing the hand guided free motion quilting which is exactly what I did on Veronika's t-shirt quilt for her daughter.

Bottom Line thread top and bottom, free motion quilting and a little bit of ruler work, Hobbs 80/20 batting

So good to be quilting again!!  Just something about creating something that melts all the stress away.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.