2018 Quilts

On Ringo Lake

On Ringo Lake Back

Old Friends BOM Back 

Old Friends BOM

No Broken Bones Required

No Broken Bones Back

H2H 2016 Men's String Quilt

H2H 2016 Men's String Quilt
2016 H2H finally quilted and ready to go

Moda Love Quilt

Moda Love Quilt 2

Emma you can be anything!

KF Strip QST for h2h 2018

Giant Card Trick - H2H 2018

Great Granny Squares - H2H 2018

H2H Jelly Roll Quilt

H2H Layer cake Quilt

H2H Baby Quilt 1

H2H Baby Quilt 2

H2H baby quilt 3


  1. You are AMAZING! Truly gifted! On the Men's String quilt, what batting did you use to get such wonderful definition? I enjoyed all the eye candy! Thank you! Hugs, Deb Quiltbeeme

  2. I think you are the most talented quilter that I have seen. Your work is always beautiful.


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