Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chevrons 3 different ways

Meg wanted a chevron quilt for baby shower gift.  So I decided to give her a couple of choices.  Colors are yellow and grey.  I had a little fun with these.  First up the basic chevron. All of these are 3.5 in HSTs, all have the same yellow fabric.  All have the same backing, I had all three loaded on the frame at one time.
Chevron Quilt #1 (catchy name right?)

The second is just an alternating chevron.  I tried this one with the scrappy greys and it was just way too much.  I settled it down a bit with the solid grey.
Chevron Quilt #2

The last one was a bit of fun with squares and different size chevrons.  What fun, I'll post the EQ7 project with all three next week some time.  
Chevron #3

The back is grey flannel (so soft) with the left over yellow strips and a couple of grey ones so that I had enough.  Love when I don't have to put scraps away :) Hobbs polydown batting.  Light and warm. Glide thread on top light grey and magna glide bobbins. Oh boy I'll have to go take a look the name of the pantograph  All are 42x48, which I think is a great size for babies, big enough to lay on the floor for tummy time.  So how many different ways have you made chevron quilts?

I also got to spend a little time with the grandsons, we had some fun with pumpkins and guacamole.

Hope everyone has great quilty week.  Check out the linky parties on the side bar for lots of inspiration. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baptist fans

What I haven't posted anything since Oct 4! Oh boy, that's because I was so busy working on this beauty. I was really excited when Janice sent me a picture of her quilt and wanted Baptist Fans. I want a quilt so badly with Baptist Fans. You know I love quilting things to death, but my very most favorite quilting pattern is the Baptist Fan. I've done the large rainbow type baptist fans on two other quilts but this is the first that I've done the 5 arch traditional fan. And just look at this gorgeous, quilt I had the pleasure of quilting. Janice you made such a spectacular sampler quilt. I wish I could have gotten out in the natural light for pictures, but it just couldn't happen today. Details on the quilt - Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting, Premo-Soft 50 wt Khaki thread on top, with magna glide in the bobbin. It was a time consuming as each arc was a start and stop. Each row of arcs was a roll of the frame, but I do like end results. Great job Janice.

Oh and I have little more exciting news.  This month my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.  The girls came home for the weekend.  Daughter number two is pregnant and when she came home she had a surprise.  She said the ultra sound revealed something.  We were so excited to find out if this baby was going to be a boy or would this baby be the first grand daughter.....Well, we still don't know but what we do know is that there are TWO!!!!  She's having twins!!!  Oh my goodness, my heart is filled with such joy.  Earlier in the year she had a miscarriage and was devastated.  And look at her now, two!!  My heart is going to burst I tell you!