Friday, March 1, 2019

First Finish of 2019 - Good Fortune

I have lots to share today, I finished Susan's Cake Walk quilt, my goodness that was so fun!  You know how I love free motion and this is just filled with it along with sprinkles of ruler work just makes my heart sing!  Look at those cute little cakes!  Pandora was playing and we were having a party in the studio.  Each little cake is decorated differently and each cake plate has a little something different too.  I used glide 60 on top.  At first I was going to change colors but because it was a thin thread I did the whole thing with one color and it looks great.  The back being red was a bit of a challenge.  White thread would look like string on the back even 60 wt and I certainly wasn't going to use rid on the front!  So I went with as dark of a pink as I felt comfortable with.  I didn't want any little pink pokies on the top and I didn't want any white pokies on the back.  The thread just looks like a thin layer of icing front and back.  Batting is hobbs 80/20 heirloom.  Pattern is Lori Holt's Cake Walk .  Thanks for letting me quilt for  you Susan!

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Now aren't you craving a nice little piece of cake?  For me, it was yellow cake with white frosting, I still think of that every time I see this quilt

Well what do I have here????  My first finish of 2019!!  Bonnie Hunters' Good Fortune Mystery is done!  Oh this one got me a couple of times.  The first was part 4, those bonus triangle were more than just a recommendation!  When I saw that border it hit me, dang!!! So I got out the accuquilt dies and found these little triangles which I think worked great!  I needed that border with the purple but really really didn't want to make that many HSTs.  I think the only time I do that is in the middle of the Bonnie Mystery, never outside of it.  Funny what she gets us to do right?  Then I decided to go 6x8 rather than 7x7.  Which was all wonderful until the last border and those blocks just didn't match up.  So I just did the corners.  Pantograph is Flower Fans by Mountaintop Quilting Studios, backing is a grey cotton sateen. Batting Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom
Hobbs 80/20 Batting

Flower Fans Pantograph from Mountaintop Quilting Studio

H2H is starting sign ups going on now, lots of prizes! (check out the button on the side bar)  We've got 4 new people in our group and goal is 10 quilts.  I think we can do more but we'll see!

Don't forget to stop by all the linky parties - so much inspiration out there!


  1. OMG I love this quilt? Where do I get the pattern?

  2. Cake walk looks good enough to eat!

  3. Awesome quilting on cake walk! Great job finishing your BH quilt!

  4. Both of these are fabulous, Sue! I think the way you did your borders just at the corners looks very intentional and interesting. And the pink thread choice on the dessert cake worked perfectly!

  5. I really like the colors you chose for Good Fortune. I skipped this year's mystery. And the cakes look yummy.

  6. The quilting on Cake Walk is beautiful!

  7. Cute Cake quilt, but oh my, your Good Fortune is stunning!!

  8. Yes - what a great customer quilt to get to do! Your BH quilt turned out super nice - love the die-cut purple triangles better than HSTs for this quilt, anyway, and great adaptations on the border/corners.

  9. such a cute quilt and the quilting is stunning!


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