Monday, December 29, 2014

Finally some sewing time!!!

Is this really only the second post that I've had in December?  Wow, only a few days left to get in a couple more posts so I don't feel like a complete slacker!  But that won't be a problem - I have a  little sewcation time planned this week.  And I finally have something on my design wall for design wall Monday - yahoo.  I got tired of sewing the same block 169 times, so I started putting the blocks together on this king size quilt.  It's definitely gonna be the biggest quilt that I've ever made, but I'm determined to get this one done.  I've got an 8 block square section done (will be a 13 block square quilt), I've got blocks ready to go with the next log, I've got blocks done, I've got rows started, this poor quilt is in every single possible stage except done!  It's pinned to the design wall which makes it look a bit wonky.  My design wall has lost it's will to hold quilts on it.  I think I need a new batting for it.
Shining Star section 1 - 8 blocks sqaure
some blocks are done
only 3 bags of logs left!!  so close
next log placed just waiting to be sewn
section 2 in progress
I did have a little fun this weekend showing Veronika how to use the long arm.  She made her first three quilts.  I need to get pictures of the first two for her son and daughter, they are really something.  She finished quilting those two in one day.  It was a long day for her and by the end she really needed to just sit down for a while.  They were really were so cute.  I finished up the last one for her.  It's made from the scraps of the one she made for her son, I love the colors!!  Pantograph was Tea Lights by Valerie Smith, purple glide thread on top, bottom line in the bobbin, batting was Pellon 100% cotton.  That was really some soft batting, I was pleasantly surprised!
Veronika's Strip Quilt
Tea Lights pantograph, Glide on top, Bottom Line in the bobbin, Pellon 100% Cotton batting
Love the backing on this one
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