Sunday, July 26, 2015

First July post - oh boy!!

Oh my goodness.  What a summer.  The first week in July  we moved daughter #4 to Rockville MD.  Then the last weekend daughter #2 was admitted to the hospital and went straight up to ICU.  Both girls are doing fine and in their own respective homes.  But sheesh  what a summer!  Needless to say not a whole lot of sewing going on over here.  However, there was nothing going on this weekend and you just couldn't keep me away from my sewing machine.  While I was traveling I did the last bit on my hexie project.  This started when daughter #4 started college.  This is how far I've gotten - she's graduate from college and working now.  Still not sure how this thing is going to end up, but I think it's safe to say this finish is many years away!!
4 years of hexies

Then remember those cute little nine patches that were made as 3 in rather than 9 in. Well I have all the right size ones done.  Look baby blocks and big blocks.  I'm just going to do a simple Irish chain with the small ones. The bigger ones are for Old Friends BOM and so happy they are the right size!  Really what was I thinking???
Old Friends BOM
Look at all these blocks, that's the last log on the 120+ log cabin blocks for the Black Sea quilt, starting to get excited about this one.
Black Sea log cabin blocks
Liz sent me pictures of her version of Slices of Color (the pattern is on the tutorials tab at the bottom).  I love the grey and the way she quilted it.  Rainy Day Rainbow is just beautiful. And will you look at the backing, how perfect is that.
Liz's Rainy Day Rainbow - her version of Slices of Color
Love the grey and love how she quilted it.

Last thing - if you get any email from me from my yahoo account don't open it.  I haven't and won't be using that account.  I used that account for so many years, and I think I've just about gotten all accounts moved to the new email address, but waiting to close out the yahoo account for a couple more weeks to be sure.  But I will not send anyone any email from that address for any reason. I'm so sorry if you've gotten anything from that email address.  Seriously, so disappointed in yahoo mail.

That said, don't forget to stop by the linky parties on the side bar. Always inspiration out there just waiting....Have a great week.