Sunday, July 29, 2012

DWM and FMQ Challenge

Wow, July gone already?  I swear it just started, man summers go so fast don't they?


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I finished quilting the Urban 9 Patch, I thnk Lily is going to like it.  Its' got some nice cozy pink fleece on the back.  I used Quilters dream, dream puff batting, so fine thread on top and bottom line in the bobbin.  

And the Free Motion Quilting Challenge, I had just enough fleece left over at the bottom to get this months challenge done.  I used a different fill in each section.  The print on the top is pretty crazy but you can see the quilting better on the back.  I would like to try this one again with the same fill in each segement, I really like the technique.

A-7, A-5, C-2, C-4

D-4, D-3, D-1, D-2
I finally worked on my dear jane blocks, 8 of them done, that's a record for me :)

We're heading to sunny funny Florida this week.  Can you take scissors and needles on a plane?  I was thinking of working on the hexies on the plane, just not sure if you they'll let you on with scissors.  Get this I"m gonna go para-sailing while I'm out.  Well sitting here in my mid west home I can say, I hope I don't chicken out :)  Definitely snorkeling, I know I won't chicken out on that one. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a great sewing weekend

I've been waiting to use the "Lounge Lizard" pantograph (free from Urban Elementz) and finally got the chance.  This is such a cute pattern for a baby/toddler boy quilt.  I made two of these, one for my daughter who needs a shower gift and one for 100 Quilts for Kids (see the side bar - the kids need some quilty hugs).
Baby Boy Quilt for Kids

Lounge Lizards - how fun 
And I ALMOST got two quilts quilted in one day.  I've never done that before. I got 1.5 done - I"m pleased as punch with that. 
Urban 9 Patch - 1/2 way quilted. 
And then there's tossed salad.  I couldn't have put those blocks together more wrong. So some time was spent ripping them  apart and putting them back together.  It was just as much fun the second time around as the first.  Some of those little guys though wanted to go together a  different way.  On the third try I was getting a little border.  But the top is all together and here it it.  Thanks to Silly Goose Quilts for such a great mystery!!
Tossed and re-tossed Salad

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DWM - July 16

Ahhhhh, how nice to get some sewing in on Saturday.  Any one doing the Calm Blue Ocean Mystery at Silly Goose Quilts?  I did mine in green, not blue so really needed a new name and mine is called "Tossed Salad". Not sure how it's gonna turn out, but I sure do love how these blocks look right now.
Tossed Salad 
And I finished quilting my Carpenter's square.  I have chicken fabric that I used so I gave those chickens some feathers.  This is going on my kitchen table.  I tried some curly q's in the feathers on the green and black.  And I tried hook feathers for the first time.  I love how other make them look, but I just couldn't quite get the hang of it.  I'll try again on a different project.   I mark the veins of the feathers.  In the corners of the center, I marked two of them wrong. But I"m not taking it out, it's just find for my table.  Now I need to get some pretty flowers for that table.
On my table, just fits 

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

DWM - and we have a winner

Didn't get to pick the winners on Saturday because this little guy came over for a sleep over so we were busy having fun.  It finally cooled off a bit in the Chicago area so we were able to have lunch outside on Sunday.  And  Mr. Smiles was very happy about that.

I did get a little sewing done during nap times, here's what 2 naps got me.  Finished the blocks for one of the boy quilts for 100 Quilts for Kids (see the button on the side bar, it's a great cause - and there's prized :)  I'm making 3 of the boy quilts, 2 for 100 quilts for kids and 1 for a baby shower.  Still have to sew the blocks together and add a border.   I also finished the blocks for the Urban Nine Patch.  I loved the on point setting, but that will have to wait for the next one.  Finished up the U9P, another one added to the waiting to be quilted list.

And now for the winners of the Charm packs - winner number of the Katie Charm packs is number 12 Lesley from the Cuddle Quilter  And winner of the Summersault Charm packs is number 49 is Julieanne K, I've sent you both private emails.  If I don't here from you by Friday, I'll pull another number.  Congrats to the winners!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

DWM - and give away

Man, where is the summer going?  I seriously can't believe it's July already. Seems like just yesterday that Feb was taking forever - I swear Feb is the LONGEST month :)

Last week I went to IN to Shipshewana for a quilt show and was finally able to get those bags emptied.  Oh goodness what fun that was.  And my daughter has been hiding a couple of quilt stores from me.  I go out there to see her about 4 times a year.  She keeps saying nope, no quilt stores.  Ahh, but there's Yoders - if I don't go to any other store, I think that one will do!  Next though I need to make a list.  Here's all the wonderful fabric I got.  No reason, no project, just me my husband and my daughter saying "you need this fabric" and in the basket it went :) It must have been close to lunch time when my daughter spotted the hot dog fabric. But since I had to put all that away I decided to have a give away, but first you have to see what I did this week.  I'll be quick :)

Sea Shards

Sea Shards

Table Runner

It seems like forever since I've been able to spend the day quilting.  I think I got my fix this weekend. Sea Shards quilted and binding done.  My sister wants this one.  I was surprised, but ok.  It was going to be a donation quilt, I'll donate to her.  New pantograph for me, Fantasy Flame 2 from Urban Elementz.  I really like how this one looks. Not sure I get the whole flame thing going on, I thought more like sea weed.  But hey, it's one I can do!!

Next is a table runner that was given to me by Kat from at Scrapbox Quilts  Didn't she make a beautiful runner?  She asked who could use a runner that was 100 in long.  I explained that's that size of my table and the next thing I know it's mine.  I had no idea she meant it literally.  Thanks Kat!  It is definitely the prettiest runner in my house.  I was so glad to finally get this beauty quilted.   Nothing but feathers on this baby.

And  a couple more blocks of the U9P.  I LOVE the on point layout.  The blocks are slow for me to make so it's gonna be a while for this one.

Ok the give away - why?  Cuz I have more things than I want to put away.  And so many of you have provided so much for me in terms of tips, suggestions, inspiration and motivation.  Just my way of saying, thanks, I appreciate you.  2 winners this time.  I have charm packs to give away, you choose, 2 of Katie by Jennifer Young (this is what I used for my made in cherry quilt).  or two of Summersault from Free Spirit (these are what I'm using for 100 quilts for kids).  Now Summersault is 6 inch charm, not five inch like Katie

Jennifer Young KATIE 5" Charm Pack Quilting Fabric Squares Benartex
Summersault Charm Pack - Erin McMorris
This give away is for followers only.  If you're a follower leave a comment, that's all.  I would love to hear what you do with charm packs.  I'm stumped when it comes to this size.  But really would like to hear what you do with them, although not required to win.  I'll draw two winners on Saturday afternoon some time.  Good luck!!

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New FO for June

June's gone already?  I want a do over :)  Here's what I started in June, some finished, some not, but it's all fun and it's all good.  Some might actual be from May (dang I missed the May New FO linky party):  Baby girl twister quilt, Anna's rainbow quilt, Carpenters' Star, Urban 9 Patch and Tossed Salad (mystery quilt from Silly Goose Quilts.  Stop by Cat Patches to see what other wonderful things people started in June.  Button is on the side bar.

Anna's Rainbow Quilt

Baby Girl Twister

Carpenter Wheel

Tossed Salad 

Urban 9 patch