Sunday, September 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday - Common Bride Update

All the applique is sewn down.  Just need 7 more of those 8 pointed stars and I can finish that last part up before moving to the next.  I was starting to day dream about how I'm gonna quilt this one when it's done.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Virtual Design Wall Monday

Yep that's right to go with all the virtual sewing I did this weekend :)

Cyber quilters (yahoo group) are having a blooming nine patch QAL.  I've had this set of 1 yard cuts Quiltcon fabrics that have just been waiting to for the right moment, and I think this is there time.

Here's the top 3 runners although the last one really isn't in the running as I'd have to get more fabric and I'm just not in the mood for that.  Uh oh did I say that out loud???? Help something must be wrong if I'm not in the mood to buy fabric.
#1 choice, I think I might move it a bit more off center
I really like the white patches added to some, gives it a more dimensional look
This one I really like but I don't have enough fabric.
Linking up with Judy, Connie and Fabric Tuesday, stop by and see what everyone else is working on, lots of inspiration over there. 
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hexie Friday on Saturday

Making a little progress, still not sold on the layout of this next round which is why I haven't sewn any of the pieces to the center.  I keep hoping that some brilliant brainstorm will happen, but so far not even a brain sprinkle.  My brain is in an awful drought :)  Linking up with Hexie Friday stop by and see what everyone else is doing with hexies.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Design Something Monday - 9/9

In the car most of the weekend so only working on prepping hexies, what fun.  And will you look at the container my awesome hubby brought me?  A whole $3 at Harbor Freight.  And some of the little dividers come out which is awesome.  Perfect size for my 3/4 in Hexies, just love it. Turns out there are 10 needles full of thread for the trip from mty house to oldest daughters house :)

Linking up with Judy, Connie and Fabric Tuesday, stop by and see what everyone else is working on, lots of inspiration over there. 
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hexies Friday

Ok here's one of the ideas I"m floating around.  I want the center to start to be a star.  I'm just gonna keep doing stuff until something feels just right.
Another trip to IN this week end so I'll be prepping some more of those white hexies.  Linking up with Angie for Hexie Friday stop by and see how everyone else is doing with their hexie projects.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Applique Tuesday - Common Bride progress

Woohoo I have something for Applique Tuesday.  Got everything glued down on the center block, just need to stitch it.  So what's best for the stitching of the applique?   Mono filament thread or a thin thread of similar color like bottom line?  This is my first time doing the freezer paper applique.

Stop by and Angie's to see what others are doing - she's doing Love Entwined, and it looks awesome!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

8 quilts for 100 quilts for kids

And the last one is finally finished.

1-3 can be seen here

Here's the rest of them - what fun to get them all completed.  They will be dropped off at project linus in McHenry CO this week.   I've added the pantograph names in the captions on the quilts.  I tried to do them all differently.  Lots of much needed practice with pantos :)

100 Quilts for Kids #5 - Loung Lizards - free from Urban Elementz - love these little lizards
100 Quilts for Kids #5 
100 Quilts for Kids #5  - see the lizards crawling all of the back???
I was going through feather withdraw :) this is the only one with feathers 
100 Quilts for kids #6
100 Quilts for Kids # 7 - free hand bubbles all over
100 Quilts for Kids # 7 - back 
100 Quilts for Kids # 8 - Anne Bright Splat - I LOVE this panto and it's now my new favorite

100 Quilts for kids #8 back - IKEA fabric, just love that for the back.
100 quilts for kids #4 pantograph - Contempo by  Hermione Agee - it was a perfect pattern for that border fabric
100 Quilts for Kids #4 back
Now wasn't that a lot of fun using up those scraps of fabric and batting?  I had a goal of 6 quilts, and with a little help from family, 8 were completed.  Awesome!!  Now that the mad rush to finish those before returning to work is over, need to figure out what to do next.  I think I'll just work on Common Bride and finishing up the Swoon quilt.  I really need a new quilt and still having a bit of feather withdrawl, I'm going to feather that swoon quilt within an inch of it's life :)  Oh wait I have to finish it don't I ;)

And one last view of them all together -

Hope every one has a wonderful Labor Day.