Sunday, March 30, 2014

Comfort quilt kinda of weekend

Alright, not any piecing going on, but April sure got a work out with all the frame quilting!!  First up are a couple of quilts for a woman in our area  that takes in foster kids.  She likes to give all the kids blankets. Right now she has a couple of boys.  I pieced the jelly roll quilts and Tom quilted, he did a great job didn't he???
Blue Jelly Roll Quilt - Inside out Pantograph, Hobbs Poly down batting, glide thread on top, bottom line in the bobbin 
Back of Blue Jelly Roll Quilt

Orange Jelly Roll Quilt - Pantograph Ebb and Flow, Hobbs poly down batting, glide thread on top, bottom  line in bobbin
Orange jelly roll back - seriously love this fabric!!
Orange jelly roll detail 
Here's one of the H2H quilts - I had a set of fat quarters and this is quilt 2 of three that came from the fat quarters.  I've had this one done for a while now.  I've used it once or twice watching tv.  It has poly down batting in it.  I've always thought that I was a cotton batting kinda girl, but I gotta say, this light warm batting may be making me change my mind.  I love the lightness of it and it's really warm.
H2H 1 - Jelly Roll quilt - Pantograph - Fanfare - Hobbs poly down batting, Glide thread on top, bottom line in bobbin
H2H1  detail
The last quilt on the frame is Lily Patch Quilts.  Kim won the giveaway for quilting, she wanted feathers.  Ya, right, of course I LOVE feathers!!!  I love scrappy quilts, there were so many wonderful fabrics.  I kept looking at them thinking that so many individual fabrics were my favorites.  Really, I think it's the way all of them fit together as a whole that just amazes me.  Loved this one. 
On the frame one last border to go!
Lily Patch Quilts - leftovers - Hobbs 80/20 Batting, Glide on top, Bottom Line in the bobbin.
Left overs - detail 
Left Over back 
Left overs out side, colors are fairly accurate  - it was a bit breezy and it's a big quilt!!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday Monday so good to me. Monday morning was all I hoped it would be....

I did a bit of quilting this weekend.  I finished up 3 customer quilts, what fun.  The first one is just adorable and getting ready for a long trip to Germany. Pattern is Coming Soon by Thimble Blossoms. Just love the fabric choices on this. So bright and cheery.  I quilted simple swirls in the background and 1/2 inside each of the boxes.  Quilters Dream batting, Bottom Line in bobbin and on top.  I wanted this one being extra soft for that baby.  I sure hope it's warmer in Germany that it is here ;)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon Detail
Coming Soon - back - isn't that a fabulous fabric?
The second one is a panel quilt that is for a baby shower.  This is the first quilt that I've made that is flannel on the front and back.  Usually  only the back of mine are flannel.  I even used flannel for the binding.  Cute little owls.  Hobbs polydown batting, Bottom Line on top and in bobbin.  I used aurfil invisible thread to outline and SITD.

And the last one I'll be sorry to see this one go.  I LOVE scrappy quilts and this one had so many different fabrics.  I quilted all over feathers on this one.  Warm and natural batting, Glide on top, bottom line in bobbin.

I've got another scrappy quilt on the frame waiting for some feathers. Don't forget to check out all the linky parties on the side bar.  And if you haven't already signed up for Hands 2 Help 2014, it's not too late.  It's too late for the sign up prize, but there's plenty more prizes at the end.  This year there are 3 wonderful charities.  I've signed up for 1 per charity, but I"m hoping to have a couple sew ins before June, would be nice if I could get 3 per charity - wouldn't that be great?  It's a stretch goal.    Its' the first button on the side bar, go take a look.    I'm donating quilting up to a queen size quilt as one of the prizes.  I have 2 quilts done already, as I was anticipating this coming up.  I'll show those next week.    

I sure hope this Monday is better than last Monday.  I left my coffee on the counter Monday morning.  That was one long train ride to the city without coffee.  I'm hoping it's one of those things that only last once.  I think they need a coffee car on the train - there's gotta be a market there waiting for people like me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wonderful Quilty Weekend

I had a customer quilt finished up on Saturday and another started on Sunday. I love quilting weekends. The first is a great quilt, a gift for girls hockey team coach. The hockey team colors are the bright green and black (like the borders). The colored squares are the college colors of the girls on the team. They will all be going to college next year. This is a gift one of the mom's made for the coach. The girls will each sign one of the blank white squares. The other white squares are emblems for the colleges the girls will be attending. What a great keepsake. The hockey player of the mom who made this quilt has been skating since she was 3 and playing hockey almost as long. What a great keepsake for the coach. Glad I was able to quilt it and hear the story of this quilt. The fabric on the back, hockey pucs, love it!  Oh and I think I FINALLY finished this quilt before I took it off the frame.  FINALLY!!!  Guess it helps when you do simple ;)
Girls Hockey Team quilt for coach
See I can do simple
Love the backing with the hockey pucs.
The second one on the frame is a scrappy broken  dishes quilt.  I'm doing an all over hook feather on this one.  There are so many different fabrics in this one, what a treasure.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Labyrinth Done - updated

Oh my it's done.  This took 3 weekends and I used almost 16 bobbins of Bottom Line 60 wt thread on this beauty.  Didn't they chose wonderful fabrics for this quilt, which is for her daughter?  Mom and daughter liked the first Labyrinth that I quilted for my nephew with only a few changes in the borders and the background pattern.  They wanted feathers, who I am I deny them feathers :)  You know how much I love to quilt feathers!

UPDATE - Therese has given me permission to share the story of her quilt.  Therese is a semi-retired special education teacher.   Already you know she's special right?  She's been married for 39 years and has 3 children, 5 grand children with another on the way.  This quilt is for her oldest daughter Andrea and her husband.  Andrea is also another special person.   She has lost 3 girls, including a set of twins due to premature birth.  Now if that isn't enough for one person to handle, Andrea has been nicely recovering from thyroid cancer over the past year.   Her mother made this quilt as a means of having something special and beautiful for all the struggles they've been through.    I was truly touched by this.   Every quilt has a story and this one certainly has a very special story. This quilt is made with so much love and caring.  I hope Andrea and her husband feel the love and God's blessings every time they use this quilt.  The prayer cloth quilted  right behind the star will certainly help with that.  Therese and Andrea, thank you for sharing your story and letting me be a very small part of this quilt.

Do you see the spot I missed, why can't I get everything the first time?  One of the cathedral windows doesn't have both sets of arcs.  It does now, finished it up on the DSM.  This is why we take so many pictures :)

And one other finishes the Scrappy Baby Chevron, quilted and binding complete.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can someone please turn off the snowing machine?

I know I'm not the only one that is really tired of the snow.  Four more inches this weekend.  It's March, it's got to be warming up soon.  In the mean time I've got April and Amanda to keep me busy and warm.  I've a scrappy chevron baby quilt for shower then end of March (certainly it will be warmer by then) and on the last border of Labyrinth.  Therese (it's her gorgeous quilt) calls these the "cathedral window" quilting,  I like that and I'm sticking with it.

Scrappy baby Chevron
The last border is getting marked, so close

Labyrinth back
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