Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Force was strong today in my sewing studio

I love baby quilts, they are so fun. I ***almost*** went out and purchased pink, purple and grey fabric for this because I didn't think I had the right shades. But just as I was ready to head upstairs and put my shoes on, I looked at my stash and "said just go find it in there, it's there" And sure enough, I love the colors, all from my stash and scrap bins. Mama has lavender and grey as her colors for the baby's room. Daddy loves star wars. I thought this was a nice meet in the middle quilt. And I finally learned a version of ribbon candy (which I've wanted to do for over 5 years). LOL I practiced doodling ribbon candy all week at work in mtgs and at my desk, but I think it paid off! Hobbs 80/20 batting, nice soft minky backing and glide thread on top. Hope the little mama likes it. Ahhhhhhh so good to only have the binding left.
Baby Jedis - Can't wait to meet sweet little Emma

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Down to the wire

I'm feeling the pressure, I can do this, I can make this happen. I may have a to take a sick day....but we'll see.  Shower date is Mar 4, I have two more Saturday's to get this baby quilted.  I want to learn to do ribbon candy.  My plan to master ribbon candy will be print out about a 50 diamonds and doodling any time I can. Mtgs at work, when they get  a little boring and slow (they're talkers at the office....) I'll just pull out a diamond or two, give it a go.  I'll print some out that I like already done as well, try tracing them, try getting a little muscle memory going.  I can do this, I just know it.  If I can't get this down by Saturday or don't feel brave enough to try on the baby's first quilt, I'll substitute a different fill. But it's gonna happen this year, this is the year I learn to do ribbon candy!  So sweet little Emma's top is on the frame and started.  I can't wait to meet her.
Baby Jedi, Hobbs 80/20 batting Glide thread on top

Tops done, now to get her quilted

And in case anything happens at all, I've got a back up quilt.  This is a proper finish, binding and all!!  This one has Hobbs Wool batting (I had a scrap big enough for a baby quilt, that's the good thing about getting the king size rolls), HabandDash Glide 60wt thread on top and in bobbin.  One color thread, white, and it looks great, really blends in well everywhere.
Bundle of Love Panel - Northcott fabrics

I just heard my Old Friends was accepted in the MQX New England show, kinda exciting, but this means I ****REALLY**** need to get the binding on.  Binding and label by March 15 so I can ship by March 20.  I can do it.  Not sure how, but I'm certain it will come to me.  Hoping the force will stay with me even after Emma's quilt it done.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Baby Jedis

I'm going to need to sew like a Jedi if I want to get this one done by the shower on Mar 4.  I love the little pink diaper on Baby Darthette, and the bow.  I'm using the Accuquilt triangle die for this one.  I found some clip art on line, printed, traced and that is how a quilt is born.  I need to the force to be with me to get this one finished.
Yes Emma you can be Yoda
But in case the force doesn't show up and I can't quilt like a Jedi, I've got a back up quilt.  It's a panel, it's cheating, but it's really cute.  I know I can get this one done for the shower.
Back up panel quilt in case I can't find the force 

We had a bit of snow here this weekend, so I decided the best thing was for me to stay off the roads and just quilt the weekend away.  I finished this guy by 10am on Saturday.  I'm gonna miss those sweet little panda eyes looking up at me.  Dorothy made this for one of her grand daughters.  She has twin grand daughters coming soon.  How exciting!

Oh and look at this design wall, looks like I'll have to finish something, cuz nothing else is gonna fit.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feb Fizzle.....

January, where are you?  I miss you and all your quilty goodness.  Feb has been such a fizzle on the quilting.  All I have to show is Dorthy's quilt on the frame. But seriously it's a cute one right?  This guy made me smile all day on Sunday.
This guy makes me giggle
And on Friday and Saturday, these guys made me smile.  Got up bright and early on Saturday morning (forgot how early little ones get up) to watch Mickey and the Roadster's before we headed down to the kitchen for blueberry pancakes.
Mesmerized by Mickey and the Roadsters, it was a cliff hanger I must say
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