Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thread Emergency!!

Ha, well I finally get around to doing some serious quilting and what happens??? Yep ran out of thread.  Like I didn't even get to the roll the quilt forward (and it's a king size quilt) before I ran out.  But thanks to Amazon and speedy delivery, I had thread in two days.  Why is there no thread hot line????  Yes I'm *finally* quilting the Old Friends BOM quilt.  I added the last border, it's about 110 x 110. I'm really hoping this will fit on the king size bed without the mattress peeking through.  If not, it'll go on a queen size bed in the guest room.  Of course in my usually style, this will be quilted like crazy, lots of feathers, lots of all sorts of quilting.  It's mine I get to go crazy!!
Thread emergency resolved

corner - good to take pictures so you know what it looks like when you get to the other end!
Thread Emergency!!! Ran out of thread, didn't even get very far!!

And I even MADE a quilt this year.   Yep that's right, picked out the jelly roll. sewed , cut, sewed some more, quilted, binding and gifted, the whole shebang!  Man that felt really good too!

I jumped into the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt On Ringo Lake - jumped in a bit late, caught up and only one part behind - substitute navy blue for Brown, Green for teal, a bit brighter orange than salmon.  Hey, bright is my favorite color.

On Ringo Lake
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, I hope 2018 is filled with all the things that bring joy and peace to your soul.