Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New FO Jan 2012


I LOVE this idea.  Stop over at Cat patches to see what this is all about  Here's a brief intro  from Cat Patches today:

"This being the last day of January, it's time to show off your NewFO projects.  Remember, you don't have to finish your NewFO's this month, this year, or EVER, if you're feeling so bold.  The idea with the NewFO Challenge is to have fun and to start something new.  And honestly, who wrote the rule that every project has to be completed, no matter how ugly, boring, challenging, frightening, tedious, or distasteful?  So shake off those old sewing projects that bind and be audacious!"

I don't have a  lot of UFOs so I don't get to participate in all the UFO challenges.  But I do LOVE to start a new project.  Sometime it will take me a while to finish, sometimes they get done very quickly.  But this is a great way to track what's been done a monthly basis.  I think I may actually combine this with my stash report and do that on a monthly basis as well. 

Here's the Jan new projects started (not necessarily finished).  Jan and Feb are generally my most productive months.  I think I get like 50% of my sewing for the entire year completed in Dec - Feb :)
Labyrinth - needs to be quilted - Wedding quilt for Steve and Lindsey

Center of my universe - curved piecing project for cyber quiters

Sea Glass - all scraps - yead

Modern Mirrors - house warming gift for JR and Jeanette


Donation / practice quilt

donation practice quilt

Practice quilt for Miles

Apple Crate - bday gift for Megan

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Design Wall Monday

 Lots of sewing this weekend.  I quilted Modern Mirrors - my first "real" quilt with a pantograph!!   I used a leaf pattern, it went well with the apple trees and the fabrics that have little leaves. I'm still a bit rough around some of the curves but in time that will improve.  I used a light to med grey thread, looks grey on the white and white on the grey, I liked it.  I've used Hobbs 80/20 on this one and after washing you can see how it really puffs up a bit more than Warm and Natural - love a wrinkled washed quilt!  Lots of textures on this one.  This quilt went to the happy home owners this weekend.  The quilt, a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the kids, a bottle of wine for the parents, a movie for all to enjoy and popcorn!  The quilt is big enough for all for of them to snuggle up when it's movie night :)

I did have a bit of trouble quilting Modern Mirrors, tension issue, backing issue, etc, so when it was done I really wanted to work on something easy, not much thinking required.  I worked on beach glass.  Just sewing those scraps together.  I have all 20 strips needed and still can't believe how many scraps I have left.  Guess what's going on the back of this one - I'm not putting those back again.  I got a few rows together  before heading into the city. 

And finally I started my Swoon blocks - just couldn't resist.  I'm using the Prince Charming fabrics.  Here's the first two.   Can ya see the gray theme throughout my projects this week?  I'm having a love affair with gray right now.  Just can't get enough of it.

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Sunday Stash Report - Jelly Roll Binge - not good

Oh man, I've been doing this for a month and man, (me hanging my head in shame). What can I say, I really like fabric.  Ok the numbers

Total purchased - it's wayyyy to easy to hit the "add to cart button"
  • 5 Jelly Rolls - 14 yds - Green Fairy Quilts has a great sale going on - check it out, new arrivals on sale too (one was sent by Craftsy in error and they told me to keep it - yeah)
  • Prince Charming Fat Quarter - on sale at Craftsy - bad bad bad  - they keep having things on sale  - 7.5 yds
  • 4 charm packs - Craftsy again 3 yds
  • 15 yds Kona Gray - I'm having a love affair with Grey
  • 2 yds of clearance fabric
  • 7 yds backing for Modern Mirrors
  • 6 yds backing for Labyrinth
  • Amy Ellis Fat Quarter selection - 3.75
Total used
  • Donation Quilt #2 = 6 yards
  • Labyrinth - 19 yards
Previous Report Total: -21
This Report Purchased: 58.25 - really???? yikes
This Report Used:  25
Year to date Purchased:  99.7 (I need to go on a fabric diet!)
Year to date Used: 87.5
Year to date Total:   12.2 - uh oh I need to get sewing!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost a Friday Finish

back of quilt, - I can do a panto!!
Donation quilt 2
All that's left is the binding on donation quilt number 3 - actually it's donation quilt number 2 cuz daughter number 3 made me give donation quilt number 2 to Miles.  She didn't have to try too hard for that :)  Ok so here's the quilt and easy donation quilt number 2 - needed to make this so that I could do the pantograph for the modern mirrors.  And guess what????  I think I'm actually getting it. There are some parts of the leaves that are actually smooth.  The trick for me was that April (my long arm) likes a little close dancing.  Yep I put my arm around her neck, pull her in close grab her handle of we go, swaying back and forth. Add  Pandora and we are off !!  I just need to get the binding on this one and it's done. 

free panto at Urban Elementz
Oh and I also found out that Urban Elementz has free pantos!  Someday when I get better at this I'll do a little boy quilt and use this lizard pattern, just way tooo cute. And the price is definitely right!
Swoon Fabrics

I"ve finally caved in and I'm gonna join the swooning that's all over.  I"m using Prince Charming fabrics, have them all doubled up,  just waiting to finish up Modern Mirrors and then I'll be cutting these beauties up.  I"m usng grey for the solid.  I just ordered 15 yards!  So not on a fabric diet this year yet. 

Here's my fabrics for made in cherry (again issues with the fabric diet, I have to make something with all this).  I just can't resist that one either.   I love starting new projects.  
Fabrics for Made in Cherry QAL
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scrap Challenge at Confession of a Fabric Addict

Yep that's right, Sarah's having a scrap challenge so go check it out - and there's prizes....good ones too!!

You know you have an over abundance of scraps, here's your chance to do something with them.  You've got two weeks go check it out here 

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Sarah, she's a quilting angel (don't be mislead by the whole sweatshop thing ).  She has a group of quilters who make quilts for the ministry and people in need.  Just a little something to show there's someone that cares and tries to warm their hearts.  I know she's warmed mine. Sharon at Vrooman's quilts (another quilting angel) had a great idea to donate your blocks to Sarah's cause.  That is definitely not required, it's just one angel thinking like another and a great idea. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Design Basket and Design computer

How long has it been since I've had a DWM without mention of Orca Bay?  8 weeks I think :)  But it's done and the last post was Saturday.  Ah, it's that odd feeling after you finish a Bonnie mystery and think, well what's next??  How can you beat a Bonnie mystery?

On Cyberquilters yahoo group they have curved piecing as the bucket project for Jan.  I secretly LOVE curved seams.  I don't do them very often, but when I do, I LOVE them.  So while surfing the web, trying to get inspiration for quilting Labyrinth (please send me suggestions :) I came across the Montana Cartwheel.    I was in heaven, curves and stars, can it get any better???  Nope.  Well I quickly went to EQ and drew up the block. That was the easy part.  Then kept looking at that crazy pattern to figure out how it all goes together, I couldn't do it.  I ordered the pattern.  But while I was waiting for it to arrive, EQ was calling my name and here's what we came up with.  I call this one Center of my Universe. I need to work on the borders.  But you get the idea.  It took me three tries to get the block right but I think I have it.   Looks like one is missing huh?  I just didn't get that far, but you get the idea.  We'll see if this ever gets done or I just do 4 blocks and make it a trivet for the table.  It's fun. That's my design computer.  If you are interested in the EQ7 file it can be found here
I also started a new quilt that is called Beach Glass from  Quilts made Modern  They had a lovely stash of solids, me not so much.  But I did have a stash of beach glassish fabrics right here.  This is my design basket.  Filled with strings that will turn into strips like these on with gray in between.  I'm in love with gray right now.  I expect you'll be seeing a lot more of it for a while on my blog.  These colors really fit fairly well with the Jan Color Palette Challenge

Oh and one other thing, I am taking my first ever quilt class.  Yep that's right, I'm going back to school.  I'm taking The Quilt Whisperer - QW101!  Having a great time with it.  One more week and I should have some amazing ideas for the kaleidoscope quilt.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Orca Bay done, and look who's here!!

I'd like to welcome the sweet little Mr Smiles (Miles) who arrived on Friday morning, just in time for the weekend.  Isn't he adorable????  Goodness, he's just filled with all sorts of sweetness!  He's been here such a short amount of time and already he has so many people that love him! The quilt in my header, it's his :) Welcome Smiles!  Now that's something to Whoop about!!
I didn't get to go see him today cuz I have a fever, dang it!  But I did get to sew and I was able to finish my Orca Bay quilt. Ok so am I terrible?  I want to keep it and not give it to someone for a house warming gift.  Instead I want to give them Modern Mirrors, which I thought was really more appropriate for a young modern family.  I'm just trying to justify it aren't I??  Ok, here's the last look at Orca Bay.  I even tried a picture out in the snow.   I did an overall feather in the center and feathers in the small border all the way around.  Feather and swirls in the last border.  No marking anywhere!  Although  I should have marked the small border.

the back
And the Labyrinth top is together, now to plan the quilting for that one....

Linking up with Sarah, there's always something going on over there, lots of whoopin.

Linking up with Bonnie.   You REALLY have to stop there and see all the finished Orca Bay quilts, goodness they are gorgeous!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Donation quilt 1
Donation quilt 2
What a week!  I've gotten two donation quilts done (they help with practice quilting).  One is a pantograph that I think is finally good enough to at least donate. They were so bad before even the dogs didn't want to lay on those practice quilts!  I think the trick for me was get something with shorter lines, no long beautiful curving lines and no symmetry.  That  will all come when I get a bit better, which could be a while :)  Here's the donation quilts . The first one I showed the back before, forgot the front, it's the practice Orca Bay.

The second one is my first pantograph that I think is good enough to actually at least donate.  It's called Flipping ferns.  I think I"m actually getting better, but still need more practice.  I have a chair on wheels now and that seemed to help a lot.  It's pretty hard to quilt when your looking at paper and not the quilt!  This one is made of flannel, both sides, nice and snugly.

I did finish the top of Amy Ellis's Modern Mirrors from her book Modern Basics.  I love this pattern.  Not sure I like it with the fabrics I choose, but it is a great pattern.   This will be my first "real quilt" that will be quilted entirely with a pantograph....once I get good enough.  It may be a while before you see this one finished!

I also started one other quilt.  This may be a wedding quilt for Steve and Lindsey. I have another one planned, but not sure I can get it done in time...so here's how far I got on Labyrinth.  I had been doing so much easy sewing for a while that it took a bit of an adjustment to put this crazy thing together.  I had to slow wayyyyy  down for this one.  Only 2 more rounds and at least the center will be together.

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First Fabric Stash Report for 2012

This year as part of my goals I'm tracking how much fabric purchased vs used.  I am counting all fabric purchased - backing and background included as I will be using those numbers for the fabric used as well.  I'm only counting fabric used once the top is complete and then I include the binding and backing fabric in the total for the quilt.  So this morning with my coffee I did an inventory of what was purchased vs quilt tops or quilts completed.    Lets just say it's way too easy to hit the "purchase now" button on the computer :) 

Purchased in the first 14 days of Jan.
  • 15 yards Kona Snow (that should last for a while :)
  • 5 yards of Kona Med Grey (yep I decided I'm finally going to put grey in a quilt)
  • 5 yards Kona White (needed for a block exchange - my first one ever)
  • 4 yards of sale fabric (couldn't resist - back to the purchase now button issues I have)
  • 3 yards - 1 Little Apples jelly roll (part of the grey theme that I've been wanting to try)
  • 6 yards - 4 smaller jelly rolls on sale - I'm speechless - but they are super cute :)
  • 3.5 yards - Pat Sloan's Blogger Choice FQ pack - The fat quarter shop and I are pretty good friends right not
Used: (quilt yardage includes, Top, Back and Binding)
  • 13 yards - Smith Mountain Morning - just guessing on this as the book was not handy 
  • 13.5 yards - Apple Crate
  • 3.5 yards - Baby Donation practice quilt 
  • 5 yards - Baby Donations practice quilt (my first pantograph that's good enough for someone - I'll post that tomorrow)
  • 12 yards - Modern Mirrors (I'll show this one tomorrow when the top is done)
  • 15.5 yards - Orca Bay
Previous Report Total:  0
This Report Purchased:  41.5 (uh oh, how did that happen???)
This Report Used:  62.5
Year to date Total:   -21

Now that's a good way to start the year off isn't it.   I don't feel quite so bad about the purchases.  Although Jan tends to be month where I have the most completions and the least about of fabric purchased.  I'll wait until Feb to see how thing go.  I need a larger sample size before I start determining if there are some dangerous trends.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finish!!

 Oh man that was close!!  I needed to have this done by 5PM today.  I finished it last night at 7PM, pulled it out of the dryer at 9PM.  But it will be going to little Meghan for her birthday today.  She's turning 10, yep double digits deserves a quilt :) This is the first quilt that I did completely on April.   The pattern for this is "Apple Crate" from the moda bake shop, can be found  here.  I love the look after it's been washed.  I used Hobb's 80/20 for the first time on this quilt and really like it, I think I'll use it more often

Apple Crate before washing, looks so crisp and neat

Apple Crate

Apple Crate back

And I finished the practice quilt - I think it's good and I'm going to give this a try on Orca bay.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Orca Bay Top together!!

I'm doing a happy dance, Orca Bay is together and I do love it :)  Ok, the new sewing room for April is not quite wide enough to get full view, but hey you get the picture right?  This one will go to a dear friend of my daughters who just purchased their first house. This wll be nice for a house warming gift I think.

I drew a design that I would like to quilt, just not sure if I can do it!  It's a free form all over feather design and will give the quilt a really nice texutre.  I love curved quilting on angular quilts.  I'm going to make a baby blanket and give it a try.  I think I'll try one of the 1600 quilts, I saw a really cute one Life Scraps   Here's  what I want to quilt, we'll see how this goes.  Well I can draw it, that's one step :)

While there may not be a lot of depth to the room, there is a bit of length in the room and the design wall goes the entire length.  I've got two full quilts up there just waiting for me to get the courage to get started on them.

First Finish of 2012 for a very special person!

April and I just finished our second quilt together!  This one for my niece.  I wanted to get this completed before she goes back to Iraq.  the pattern is Bonnie Hunters Smith Mountain Morning bad out of my nieces' BDUs.    She also sent patches along and I placed those in the center of the stars.  Love, love, love this pattern.  And who knew it would look like this in camouflage!

Now for the quilting details, it really took a lot longer to quilt than to put together.  I started this in my DSM doing the little pebbles.  Which was nice when it first started but quickly got old.  The quilt just sat there while I had fun making baby things for little Miles (less than 2 weeks until he gets here :)  Then April came and I have a sudden urge to do the quilting! Any where there is white material there are pebbles, lots of pebbles. Now they look great with the camouflage, but I don't think I'd do it again. 

Then I was just stuck not really sure what to do with the rest when along came the FMQ challenge for 2012 hosted by SewCalGal.  One thing I did know is that rest had to have something from nature to go with the fabric of the quilt.  Much to my surprise the first exercise was leaves.  Now why didn't I think of that???  So decision made - almost.  I did a few sketches and narrowed it down to two options.  Then I drew those two options on clear plastic so I could lay it on the quilt to see which one I liked.  DH liked the bigger leaves, I liked the smaller one.  Now what to do?  Well my skills using April aren't that great so I decide to give both a try on a practice sandwich.  Well once again DH was right.  His choice turned out best and I just went from there.  But I still like the second one better, I just can't do it yet :) And the rest is history.  I have leaves in the blocks, in the camouflage on the border and the 1.5 inch brown border.  What a great exercise.    Here's a few detailed shots of the quilt.  I think she'll like it.  Stop by SewCalGal to see how others are doing on the Jan challenge.  And stop by Sarah's to see what everyone is whooping about this weekend
Back - hard to see the quilting

Detail of back
detail of front