Monday, December 28, 2015

It is my circus, those are my monkeys

Two finishes squeaking in at the end of the year.  I love panel quilts.  They are quick to put together and so much fun to quilt.  I have two more of these done, just need to add the binding.  I used bottom line thread on top, wanted a thin thread to keep it a bit softer.  Hobbs poly down batting, light and warm.  Flannel back with a strip of fun colorful cotton.  I had three of these on the frame at one time.  Nice to have them done.

I've had this sweet tumbler done for some time now.  Finally got in on the frame.  I watched a Green Fairy Quilts you tube video on feather swirls and just went for it.  So much fun, fast and easy.  I figure with this busy print if it didn't turn out, you wouldn't be able to tell!  I will definitely use that one again.  Hobbs polydown, Glide thread on top, bottom line in the bobbin

I used the left over fabric from the Sonny quilt and made this bright and cheery tumbler.  I'm calling this one Sunset, no more sunny fabrics.  I'm in the "use them up" mode rather than putting them away. LOL the leftover quilt is much bigger than the baby quilt!
And speaking of using up, I had so much satisfaction taking all the left over fabric from Moon glow and cutting into very simple 5 in charms, them sewing those together!!  I had so much trouble with moon glow and so little trouble with this one :)  I'm calling this one Moon dust.  It will have a black border, then a partial colorfull border in two corners finishing up with a black border.
Moon Dust

So nice to get some much needed sewing therapy in the end of the year.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far!!  Don't forget to check out the linky parties on the side bar and see what everyone is getting done the last few days of 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Let the holiday Sewcation festivities begin!!

AHHHH after the last conference call this morning I officially started my sewcation holiday!! I don't know what it was but Santa, his elves or someone, something dropped off some inspiration for me today.  What did I do with all that inspiration??  I finished Moon Glow.  Yes, it's true, it's done, well, the top is done, the quilting is just pure fun!!  I really struggled with this one.  This quilt is going to get a nice fluffy wool batting to help hide some of the mistakes I made.  But its DONE!!!!  I didn't get pictures of the borders it was just too late.  I'll wait for the full reveal after quilting.  Here's the center.  Ok so this is a quilt for my nephew and his bride to be.  I want to give it a star wars related name.  I really think Death star is appropriate for the trouble I had with this one, but perhaps not quite the right name for a wedding quilt.  Any Star Wars fans out there?  Suggestions?
Moonglow by Jinny Beyer
I've had something in on the frame the entire time I've been working on Moon glow, needed something to keep me going and fun.  I've got these three  little cuties to brighten my moon when moon glow cast a shadow in my sewing space.   I love using panel quilts for free motion quilting.  Ok I love any quilt that takes longer to quilt than it does to make :)
Love a full frame
The tumblers are the left overs from my Sonny quilt (a different nephews quilt).  I used this as leader and ender for Moon glow.  I love color just thrown all together.

I've got one more day to sew before the holiday activities take over.  Hope you find some time in your day for a little quilting fun.  Check out the linky parties on the side bar.