Sunday, February 23, 2014

DWM - Labyrinth quilting

Most quilting this weekend.  Last weekend I finished quilting the larger version of Summer in the Park Tube Quilt.  I think I may be over my tube quilt phase, well at least until I build up another stash of 2.5 in strips.
Summer in the park tube quilt
Summer in the park back
summer in the park quilting detail
And another panel, I can't get enough of these little things. They're fast, they're cute as can be and they're just down right fun!!
Lollipop #2  - panel quilt
And the most fun of all, quilting another Labyrinth quilt.
Labyrinth out squares
Labyrinth Back
Labyrinth Center
Labyrinth back
Check out the linky parties on the side bar, lots of inspiration to be found.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I"m only seeing rainbows - no snow, nope no snow

Oh man 8 more inches projected today. Well I've got the day off, 3 different kind of soups in the freezer and the sewing machine is ready to go.  I was think of Spring and made a couple of rainbow baby quilts.  I'll post the patterns by next week.  I was using some of the material that I got at the estate sale of a quilter, oh what fun that was.  She loved the bright colors and I'm still using them!  The first one I'm calling Over the Rainbow, wish I would have had one more color, but eh I still like it even though that purple is hanging out there.  When I do the pattern, it won't be hanging :)
Over the Rainbow
over the rainbow detailed quilting
Over the rainbow black
 This one is still in progress, I'm calling it Slices of color.   This came from my stash and a Joanne's Jelly Roll that I couldn't resist.  But I will next time, that was the absolutely worst cut jelly roll I have EVER had.  Not one of them was cut straight and they ranged any where from 2.75 to 2 in width. Very disappointing.  But hey a little trimming here and there and I've got splashes of color everywhere!!  Just need to get two more borders on this one and I'm done. UPDATE - Slices of color done!  Update 2 - I've added the pattern (pdf only) to the tutorial and eq7 tab
Slices of color
Ok bring on the snow, where's my sewing machine?  I've got the machine, the computer for all sorts of inspiration, and I'm ready to go.  Check out the linky parties on the side bar, you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lil' Buckaroo and 3 little monkeys

I am definitely on a panel kick.  It's no secret, I LOVE the quilting more than any other part of the quilting process.  These panels, all I have to do is add that last border and it's not but pure fun!!! But I do make sure I have a little piecing action in there from time to time.
Three litttle monkeys 

Lil' Buckaroo

Another Tube quilt
Go check the linky parties on the side bar, so much wonderful inspiration and quilty goodness out there.  Hope everyone is staying warm.  Spring is going to come this year right???

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Twister Twins and Laptop Sleeve

The Twister twins are done.  One custom quilted, the other e2e.  Both have Quilters dream blend batting, glide on top, bottom line in the bobbin.  Hmm same thing for the laptop sleeve, just random lines quilted on the sleeve.  Laptop sleeve fabric was from IKEA, love their stuff.  This is the heavier home decor fabric, great for the sleeve.  Don't forget to check the linky parties on the left, lots of inspiration everywhere.

 I think you can see how I marked the border with this one.  I marked half inch line on both sides in the border then curled up then down, trying to get the center of the curl in the middle of the square and the curl filling the full space.  I think backtracke once I got to the end of the curls and added the three feather plumes.  I tried to go all the way to the edge for the plumes.  Once the quilt is rolled, I just pick up doing the curls from where I left off.  I think it has a nice playful aspect.
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Pantograph is Curlz from Urban Elementz

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

And the winner is .....

April is all set up and working.  My husband moved her into her new room last weekend and I gave her a little test run on Sunday evening.  Shes stitching like a charm.  I'm ready to give her a workout today.  It's snowing here again in the Midwest so I'm having my own little sewing retreat.  Here's some pics of the room coming together.  I love the colors, my youngest daughter picked this jewel tones on the walls, just brightens my day. Still have a way to get completing it, but it's almost there.  That last 10% .....
April in her new colorful room
Twister Twins
I love thread, nicely tucked away so the Sun won't get to it.
And the winner of the giveaway if #54 Kim from Lily Patch Quilts  Kim, I'll send you an email and you can let me know your preference for the giveaway.