Monday, April 18, 2016

DWM 4/18

I'm writing this post on an iPad on the train, sure hope this works 😁.my design wall has a fairly diverse collection of blocks and quilts this Monday. Splendid Sampler blocks,18 so far. Table runner with left over hsts fro hamds2help2016 quilt, and a nice sized lap quilt for Hands2help.  I've had these scraps sitting on a shelf for almost five years. Finally, I cut these while waiting for twins, more on those sweet guys in just a few minutes. And sewed them together while waiting for paint to dry. Seems I can get quite a bit done while waiting for either twins or paint to dry
H2H Hi quilt 1

Splendid sampler blocks, table runner and super sized Maramalade quilt

H2H Hi quilt 2

H2H HST, love these solids 

The McHenry Happy quilters got together for some Hands2help sewing, we had six machines going, three tops completed, these ladies are awesome. I believe that puts our total at nine quilts, we jul might hit out goal of fourteen this year! These are stacked bricks from the book Skip the Borders by Jaybird quilts.The husband put together a wonderful sandwich tray, these ladies worked up an appetite!

Ok guess who's here??  Yes they finally made it, Louis is 19.5 inches long and 6 lbs 1 oz, while Calvin weighs in at 6 lbs 4 oz and 22 inches tall. They are not identical so we can all tell who is who and I have to say they are the sweetest little guys! Love them so much. I'm on my to the city to spend the day with them and their older brother. So much fun.  These guys showed up between blocks 17 and 18 of the splendid sampler, super splendid if you ask me.

Hope everyone has a great week, don't forget to check out the pinky parties on the side bar, lots of inspiration

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Still Waiting.....

No twins yet, but they will definitely be here for the next Monday post, so EXCITING!!!  I think I just may be a bit more excited than any of them.  In the spirit of babys' I did finish Veronica's Pachyderm Pals.  Such a cute pattern by Cheri Leffer.  Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread on top, magna glide in bobbin.  I quilted elephants in the big squares, the fabric is so busy it's hard to see but creates a nice texture change for the little guy.  When you look a the back with the minky you can see the elephants, they look polka potted, so fun!

Continuing to pace back and forth with projects - this guy is done, just need to get the backing together, another quilt for H2H

And this guy got started, oh I do love the solids and the earthy tones.  This should be a good one for a guy.  I try to make guy quilts for H2H as well as the sweet girly ones. But ya know the guy thing is a bit harder, at least for me.

And one more splendid sampler block that I made on Lia, have I told you how much I love her?  She sews like a dream.  I may only use Amanda for big long seams.

Ok next I post, there will hopefully be two cute pictures of those sweet little guys that we are so anxious to meet.  Check out the linky parties, so much inspiration and creativeness out there.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Still waiting for the twins, oh boy I know she's more impatient that me.  So rather than doing a lot of sewing on any on thing, I'm like pacing from project to project.  Are they here yet????  They may not be here, but this is a nice distraction - look as this wonderful hunk of  quilting sweetness!  Yep she's mine and her name Amelia.  But don't tell daughter #3.  Daughter #3 wants that name for her first girl.  I have 4 girls and 6 grandsons. That's right not one grand daughter. Ya ya I know how the chromosomes work, but I want the name, I had the baby first :)  I'll rename if and when she has a little girl.  I'll try not to call her by name when she's around.  Sounds fair right?  At least one of us will get to use the name. I did not paint her, she came this way. But I do have a machine that I want to try to paint, I really need a pink one to go with this green cutie.
Amelia (but if daughter #3 asks it's Lia)

And Amelia runs like a dream, oh my.  Not only is she just so darn cute, but she just hums.  She got right to work and the rows and first border on this guy.

Three more blocks for Splendid Sampler.
Block 13 - my favorite so far

Block 14

Love love love paper piecing, block 15
I did get rid of some nervous energy by cutting some kits for our next Hands 2 Help sewing get together. Have you signed up for Hand 2 Help yet?  Three great charities and lots of prizes.  See button on side bar.   Two layer cakes and lots of 5 in charms.  I pulled 40 for fat quarters from my stash, didn't even make a dent.  Can't wait to make a couple of these Love quilts on the Moda Site.

And *finally* the quilt is properly loaded.  I had 7 quilts and a couple of backing just hanging on the bars.  That really stalled loading the frame. I do have quite the back log for quilts right now but look at these sweet little pachyderms on the  frame, love her fabric choices.  Can you believe these are her first flying geese? She did awesome!

Now hopefully next time I post, it will be of two incredible little guys that we welcome to this world. (ok I'm just a *little* excited about this)  Check out the link parties on the side bar, so much wonderful quilty goodness out there