2012 quilts

I"m trying something new this year.  I'm going to document my goals (very loosely interpreted) for this year and see how far I get.  This is just the start of the goals, as I only started thinking about it at 9.30PM on 12/28 - I'm giving myself until 1/1/12 to come up with a list. Hmmmm where to start
  1. Check -  Make more charity quilts in 2012  (2011 - 7 charity quilts made) - done - 8 in August and still working on this
  2. No Check - King size quilt for my bed
  3. No Check  -Queen size quilt for guest bed 2
  4. Check  - Get proficient on the long arm machine - SewCalGal FMQ challenge should help with this.
  5. Check  - Start either Dear Jane or Farmers Wife (note I didn't say finish) - done started this year and still making progress
  6. No Check  - Complete at least one of the BOMs from 2011 that I saved.
  7. Abandon Goal - Use more fabric than I purchase in 2012 - well I may have to keep track then - this may be more work than it's worth. - man this just not gonna happen, but hey I do use a lot of fabric and it all still fits in the sewing room 
  8. No Check  - SITP - I really want one of those but not sure I can make a king or queen
  9. Check  - Fall quilt to hang in the hall way
  10. Check  - At least half the quilts that I quilt need to be quilted looser than my comfort zone - uh oh that's gonna be a tough one
  11. No Check  - Daughter number 1 needs a football quilt (plaid strings with a flannel back)
  12. Check  - Wedding quilt for Steve and Lindsey  - done
  13. No Check  -At least 25% of quilts made should be my own design - another tough one
That's a pretty healthy list. The year ended with one abandon goal the then a 50% split on the remaining goals, half completed, half not.  All in all I think it was a wonderfully quilty year.

Smith Mountain Morning - for my niece
Donation quilt 1

Quilt ended up going to Miles

Orca Bay Back

Orca Bay front

Orca Bay up close
Apple Crate

Apple Crate up close
My first Pantograph on a "real" quilt

JR and Jeanette's house warming gift - Modern Mirrors
Donation Quilt #2
Labyrinth - Steve and Lyndsey's Wedding Quilt

Labyrinth Back

fun with stripes - donation quilt 3

fun with strips - back

Sea Glass
Baby Miles Granny Square Quilt
Back of Baby Mile's quilt, can you see the dogs?  how fun!
Half Moon Modern Log Cabin


joanandmikesquarepants detail

joanandmikesquarepants back

Kitty Korner

Kitty Korner detail

H2H guy quilt  - #2
H2H Guy quilt - #2

H2H #2 Detail

Venetian Dream - H2H

Venetian Dream Back
Anna's Rainbow quilt

Garden Party 

Garden Party Back
Baby Girl Twister

Baby Girl Twister detail

Baby Girl Twister - fleece back

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Kaleidoscope Quilt - back detail 

Kaleidoscope Quilt - front detail 
Baby Boy - lounge lizards
lounge lizards - free panto Urban Elementz
Carpenters Star back

Carpenters Star 
Batik Table runner - 20x130

Batik Table Runner back - first time doing the hook feathers.
Silly Goose Quilt Mystery Quilt - Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad back 

tossed Salad detail

tossed salad really close.
Warrior Pride

Warrior Pride

Machine Embroidery Warrior Pride
100 Quilts for kids - girl quilt 
100 quilts for kids - boy quilt

Orange Crush detail

Orange Crush


  1. What a wonderful idea to put a list out there... and most of all somewhere that you won't lose it! :) I did a list on paper, and I am thinking that like my other lists it will disapear as time goes on.
    Good luck with all your goals!

  2. Truely inspirational quilting Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great collection! I particularly like your first pantograph with the big leaves - makes for a fluffier quilt with not too much quilting.

  4. Beautiful collection of finished quilts!

  5. have you a special quilting machine...or do u do the quilting with just an ordinary home sewing machine .

  6. I have been making QOVs for 2 1/2 years now and have not seen such beautiful and intricate work. Great job!! You make very beautiful quilts. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Just found your site by link on Judy L's Patchwork Times, your quilts are wonderful! I especially like the joanandmikesquarepants quilt! It is wonderful!

  8. Love way you quilted the Tossd Salade, did you SID the little squares before the feathers/flowers, or did you do it as you went along?


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