pre 2010 quilts

Daughters wedding quilt - Judy Niemeyer diamond wedding ring

Twisted Stars - Judy Niemeyer.  My daughter picked the colors, she didn't want pastells

Olivia's baby blanket, designed from the wallpaper border in her nursery

Samantha's baby blanket, this was my first baby blanket, just love making them.  This is another that was designed from the wallpaper border

Justin's baby blanket.  This one is my favorite so far, based on the wallpaper border is his nursery.
just goofy off with some layer cake strips

Pine needles in the woods (or something like that)

Little project made for project linus - my first embroidery border, I was pretty happy with it.

King size log cabin, this one used up a lot of scraps!!

I know it's crazy but I didn't take pictures of more quilts that I made than I made and did take pictures of!!  So as I find pictures or folks send them to me, I'll add them here.  It's just a compilation of things completed prior to 2010.  2010 is special as that's when I finally got my own sewing room and it has been soooooooo wonderful!!

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  1. Love the border on that first quilt!! That must have been tricky to do in order for it to hang nicely! 8-)
    Wonderful quilts! You've done lots of beautiful creations Sue!


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