2015 Quilts

Quilts completed in 2015

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Scrappy Tumblers
Scrappy Tumbler

Scrappy Tumbler
Shining Star

Shining Star back

Shining Star Detail

Off Track for H2H

Sea of Green for H2H
JRR 1 for H2H

JRR 2 for H2H 

JRR 2 for H2H

JRR 4 for H2H

Shirting QST for H2H

Graffiti 1 for H2H
Big Red Star for H2H
Graffiti 2 for H2H
Dressed Plates for Relay for Life

Just quilted this one didn't make it - Giraffes

H2H quilt that got side tracked for Tornado Relief

Circus Panel

Squares in Squares
Black Sea
Black Sea
Black Sea
Black Sea
Einstein Baby
Einstein Baby Back

Baby Boy 16 patch

Baby Boy 16 patch back

Chevron 1

Chevron 2

Chevron 3

Chevron Back

Half Hazard HST

HHHST Detail



Sonny Back
Circus Panel

Baby Girl Techno Color Tumbler


  1. This Black Sea quilt is absolutely Mesmerizing! Do you know that source of the pattern?


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