Monday, September 19, 2022

San Marco BOM

Happy Monday Quilters!!!   If any of you know Lynn Schmitt from a different box of crayons, then you know she does the most fabulous BOMs every year.  They are saturated with color, with texture with all sorts of materials from quilting cotton, to silks to home dec fabrics.  And this is Kim Rogers version of San Marco.  If you know Kim, you know there's going to be a beachy vibe and this one did not dissappoint. She changed up the center medallion, the bird and the border and made this her own.  Wow, the silks shimmer and shine don't they?  Ok so lets see if we can talk about the quilting of this beast a little.

San Marco BOM from A Different Box of Crayons

I'm not gonna lie, it was tough!!  Usually you have a theme that you can pull through a quilt so that once you get the first block or two done, then it's a breeze and just execution.  With this quilt there were multiple areas that needed design  which was different from other areas so it felt a little like design, quilt, design, quilt, repeat.  So here's how I tackled it.

First it's a custom job so I loaded sideways.   There is is some extra stuffing in the buds (can you say puffy sleeves) and I don't float quilts that are larger than a baby quilt, so the buds and the vines went first.   The first border with the black and white sqaure in square block was easy. They are very graphic simple design but the quilting won't so up  well so just a continous curve along the outside and the middles did the trick.  Of course we need feathers, it's a bird quilt after all!  so simple feathers in the colored triangle. So far so good!

Next we move to the vine areas.  We have the paper pieced triangles which only get continous curve and straightlines in the background easy peasy yet very effective.  The background of the vines I always new was going to be a feathery, leafy swirly background fill.  The buds, well nothing needed there!  The quilting on the leaves I talked about last week.  The leaves on the vine were a unique shape, I didn't have any rulers for those curves so I just marked the vein free hand, making sure they were all similar and I think they look nice, leafy just like they should be! Then the last of the easy things...the dark blue border which I really wanted to enhance the frame and have that linear break from  free flowing vines.   Three lines 1/8 inch apart, then 1/2 space did the trick.  And then things start to get a little tougher...more design elements, more quilting designs needed. 

And then things start to get a little tougher...more design elements, more quilting designs needed.  I started with the Medallion.  I really get a 3D vibe when I see the medallion.  I wanted the quilting to bring out some of that as well.  I chose lines 1/4 in  then 1/2 in at the same angle as the seam.  The thread just sank into that wool!! I didn't want too much quilting on any of the silks so they didn't loose that shine.  

Then we go on to the blocks surrounding the medallion.   I wanted those quilted densely to help with the 3D illusion of the medallion.  I just carried through the background fill from the vines but also leaving a few of the silk triangle unquilted.  They just shimmer in the light!!  On the blue postage stamp areas (and the rust in the next set of blocks,) I filled the blocks that weren't silk with match stick quilting and left the silk unquilted.  That rust color silk, it just looks like copper on that quilt doesn't it?

Next we have the last set of colored blocks.  These I thought were a bit easier to design, it just needed the arrows and  a little fill for texture.  I kept the same arrows in both the gold and the rust color blocks.  In the setting triangles, just keeping it simple with a little crosshatch and some feathers, similar to the colored triangles on the first border.  Pulling the designs through.  

The hardest part for me to stitch was the bird!!!  This is a beautifully collaged peacock with a layer of tulle over it to keep the pieces all in place (Susan Carlson has some great tutorials and suggestions on this).  But I dunno about you, but I can't remember the last time I've done a custom quilts and not taken out stitches.  Not only that but you can't take stitches out of tulle, seam rippers and tulle are not the best of friends! You have to do that from the back and I had no idea how that would work or what would happen.  So, I just knew that whatever stitches went in were staying and there were no redos.  I wanted less quilting on the bird as he is a similar color to the border, so I wanted, puffy and cruve to differentiate between the linear and dense.  This is what we got.  It took a lot of staring before those first stitches were sewn!

I love Kim's embroidery on the Peacock

The final border was more of the same, a vine with the same leafy, feathery feel from the vines.  I do wish I would have made the fine 1/2 in thick rather than a single thread.   But by the time I go to that I just wanted to be done!!  I added a small bud in the corner, but no puffy sleeves!!  

I used mostly 60wt glide thread.  I did switch to a smoke colored invisible thread for the bird. Two layers of batting, Quilters Dream Blend with Wool on top.  It's very difficult to see the thin thread on the home dec and wool fabrics.  I think I may go with a 40 wt thread when I do mine.  Yep I have one too, mine is a little different from Kims. We both made ours our own.    I can't wait for the next one!

I'd love to hear about your quilting adventures how you decide to do certain things.  Leave  your name and a link to your post and I'll be sure to check it out.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Working on Wednesday

Well its been a little over a week and San Marco,  a BOM from A Different Box of Crayons, is not done, and the table is no longer clear!  But I can show a few progress pics.  I do hope to have it finished today or tomorrow for some Fresh off the Frame picks on Friday.  I will have a finish!!!  I won't be denied!

look at the shimmer of the silk, I'll have better pics the end of the week.

and the rulers, why why why do I have to pull out so many rulers when I do custom work?

Ok so what happend in the last week??

I got a nother squash squad completed and started on number 5, all shananagans with that block have stopped temporarliy!

Squahs Squad #6

I am so close to finishing San Marco.  This was a tough one and I made this quilt too.  So as I'm designing the quilting motifs I'm trying to figure out how I will quilt mine to look a big different from Kims.  The other thing that made this tough is the number of different design elmements in this quilt. It was like desiging for 6 different quilts but still trying to tie them all together.  In the end I think I have a cohesive design which adds to the pieceing and doesn't take anything away from the quilt.  Fingers crossed....lots of thread on this.    I'll give the details on threads, batting etc on the Friday post.  In the mean time, hopefully these will keep you coming back for more.  Here's a picture of how I marked the large black leaves.   I really didn't have a ruler to do what I wanted so I just did it free hand.  I did want to mark them though so I could see that they were at least somewhat consistent before I stitched. I actually tried the first time to just go all willy nilly and stitch some beautiful design on those leaves, but everyone on those stitches came out and I behaved after that!  Taking stitches out of a double batt when you're using thin thread is, well, it's just not fun!!

free hand marking of stem with chalk pencil, I only use white

much happier with these more consistent results.  Do you see the peacock checking out my work???

The modern lap quilt is done. This will be part of you fund raising for one of the guilds that I'm in, I should have tickets the end of October.  We'll have Country Jane (based on dear Jane) this Modern Quilt and an incredible embroiderd bag.  Country Jane is going on the frame next!  This quilt is just so yummy!!!  This modern baby is made with Cherrywood fabric (my very favorite fabric), Silks, a couple different types, some silk velvets, and a shot cotton, yummy, yummy, yummy.  Just need to get it quilted.  I think just some modern straight lines, what do you think?  Maybe some big stitches when it's done......

I need a name, please name me

And finally I'll leave you with a little treat from by garden.  It took a long time for the monarchs to get here, the swallowtails are long gone but we still have a couple of monarchs, they soon will leave us for the migration to Mexico, but I do enjoy seeing them as long at they are here.  And the hydrangeas, I pick them from the start of the annabelles blooming until thanksgiving, just love them so much

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Design Wall Monday - what a mess!

 Ok, it took me until Wed to share my messy unorganized design wall.  I really wasn't going to share for a couple of reasons.  One it really doesn't look like who I am as a quilter.  But then I thought, wait a minute, there were no little quilt fairies that put that stuff up.  But if there are quilt fairies, I must say I have a list of things they can do!! And number two the projects that I really want to be working on aren't there.....maybe this can be a goal for a future Design Wall Monday.  But lets take a little look at whats there.

Everything looks so modern-ish, I like modern but, well looks like I really like modern!  Lets start at the right and work are way left.

We had a workhsop with Frieda Anderson, a year or so before the shutdown, dang still not quilted.  I imagine it will be there a while long, but it is pretty, top right bright pink!  Below that was my backup for our 2019 guild challenge,  A Ribbon Runs Through it.  I wasn't sure my first was going to be the right size, off by about an inch all the way around.  But I begged, pleaded and talked as nice as I could and they let the original in.  This one gonna be there a good while longer.  

Next to those to are the Squash Sqaud, working on #6, #5 is in a little time out, was being too fussy.  Hopefully it willl be back to it's cheery self when #6 is done.  I am just enjoying this so much.

After that is a guild raffle quilt.  We're going to have  Country Jane ( based on Dear Jane, yep we crazye! she's going on the frame soon ) a Modern Lap Quilt, and and embroiderd bag, wow!!!  For the modern quilt, 6 ladies took bags of cherrywood, silk and a little velvet.  They were given a picture of what I was sort of looking for and asked to make 2 blocks each that were at least 16 x 16.  I have all but two left....need to get moving on this one.  This picture below is our inspiration.  We've got a little work to do.  But we'll have something fanstastic I'm sure.

And finally I have two guild challenges.  The top one is a round robin, the medallion could be whatever you want, with in certain size constraints.  The next rounds was curves and now I need to get working on the next two rounds, flowers or hearts (at least 3) then triangles.  Pretty sure mine is the only one without a single stitch, it's all fused.  The other is a paint chip challenge.  You are given a paint chip and can only use those colors. That and you need to try a technique that you've never tried befor.  My technique is free for curves....still TBD is they will be redone or I will add a little yarn couching to it....

Phew, that is my crazy design wall.  

I did finish a couple of things last week....

A Tea Cup runner that last picture shows a spot I forgot a teensy bit of quilting.  This is the main reason for taking so many pictures of custom, making sure you haven't skipped a spot, back on and off the frame in a jiffy!

Look at this edge to edge, so bright and cheery!

Next up,San Marco from A Different Box of Crayons.  Look at that table all clean and spiffy. Want to guess how many rulers and spools of thread will be there when I'm done!  

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