2014 Quilts

How exciting, another year of quilting!!
Baby Star 
Baby Star
Summer in the Park
Summer in the Park Detail
Summer in the Park Back
Nigh in the Garden
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Night in the Garden Back

Chevron Table Runner
Chevron Quilt
Chevron Quilt
Baby Boy Tube Quilt
Baby Boy Tube Quilt

Panel Quilt

Twister Twins #1
Twister Twin #2
Laptop Sleeve
3 Little Monkeys Panel Quilt
Lil Buckaroo Panel quilt

Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
Summer in the Park Big Girl Quilt

Summer in the Park Big Girl Quilt
Lollipop #2 - Panel Quilt
Blue Jelly Roll for foster home

Blue Jelly Roll back

Orange Jelly Roll for foster home
Orange Jelly Roll back
Hands 2 Help Jelly Roll
Slices of Color

Slices of color detail
Slices of color back

Urban Shades
Uraban Shades
Urban Shades back
Easter Triangle Table Runner

Easter Triangle Table Runner
Botanitque Scrappy Tumbler
Botanitque Scrappy Tumbler
 - back
Boy Twin Strip and Flip
Boy Twin Strip and Flip - Back
Girl Twin Strip and Flip
Girl Twin Strip and Flip - back
Maramalade Squares
Maramalade Squares - back
Scrappy Tumblers
Scrappy Tumblers - back
Jelly Roll QST 
Jelly Roll QST  - Back
Hi - number 3

Hi #3 detail

Hope Take Flight

Hope Take Flight - detail

Hope Take Flight - detail
Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose - Detail

Hi #2

Hi #2 Detail

ABC Panel Quilt

ABC Panel Quilt - Back
Little Boy Blue - Chevron
Little Boy Blue detail 

LIttle boy blue back
Techno Color Tumbler - Boy

Techno Color Tumbler detail

Techno Color Tumber back
Lorisquarepants back

Charm Pack Cherry
Charm pack cherry
Big Star Baby Quilt - 2
Big Star Baby Quilt Back

Disappearing Hour Glass
Disappearing hour glass back
Jelly Roll Jam
Jelly Roll Jam back
Owl Duet

Warrior Pride

Brick Road

Brick Road Pillow shams
Brick by Brick
Brick by Brick with Backing
Freedom quilt front

Freedom Quilt Back

Josie's aquarium panel quilt


  1. Your work is so awesome, I am almost speechless. You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Really enjoyed seeing your quilting. What did you use on Scrappy Tumblers and a couple of others? Marcia in TX

  3. Love the lorisquarepants quilt and your quilting is exquisite. Do you know if the pattern is still available? or is it one of your own. Would love to make this for my daughter.

  4. Beautiful quilting!! How many total? I just counted and finished 75. Goal for 2015 will be 100, at least ;)

  5. I just saw these for the first time today. Your work is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.


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