Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warrior Pride - T-shirt Quilt

It's done finally!!  Didn't take all that long once I started, it was the getting started part that was so hard. This was the first time I tried the swirls overall pattern on the border.  I liked it, and definitely think I'll use that again.  Ah, and what is this, not single feather on this quilt!

Now that is done, I can work on my projects guilt free :)  So Fine med grey thread on the top. Bottom line grey in the bobbin and Hobbs 80/20 batting.  All free hand on this one.  About 12 hours of quilting, one of these days I'll go for less when I'm doing free motion.

Beautiful weekend, put in 36 miles on the bike. Not bad for the first weekend of riding weather.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

DWM 4/22 - a finish and a flimsy

I have a finish.  This one is going to be either a QOV quilt or a Happy Chemo quilt for H2H.  Hmm, is it a happy enough quilt to go Happy Chemo?  Not sure on that one, guy quilts are so hard.  See the back, that was part of my find at the estate sale that I found over the weekend, Still feel like a won the lottery with that one!  I had enough of that blue for the back of the quilt, the binding and I still have about 1.75 yards left of it!!  Here's Plaid Obesession #1,
Plaid Obession
and the back, I used this pantograph on 3 quilts in the week :)
Plaid Obsession Back
And I manage to get a flimsy together for Hands 2 Help - it's not too late to join in the fun. Check out the button on the side.  I'm calling this one Twinkle.  It's borderless I tried 2 shops and couldn't find anything close.  I had this layer cake around forever and just didn't know what to do with it. Then suddenly it came together.  That layer cake is so done!! I've also added the EQ7 file if you're interested - can be found here
Twinkly - H2H

And there's a free trial of Art n Stitch software for those that like to make their own quiliting patterns.  I'm going to give it a try - take a look at what Carla did at Feathered Fibers with this SW Has anyone else used it?  Given the price not likely to be in my future, but I do like a free trial :)

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

It may be cold in the Midwest but there are some bargins out there!!

I went to the quilt store today to see if I could find some border fabric for Hands 2 Help quilt #1 (see the button on the side).  
Hands to Help Quilt #1
 Google took a wrong turn and I passed and estate sale that had fabric and yarn. At first I just went past it, in such a rush to get to the quilt store. Well until we figured out we were headed in the wrong direction.  Now I passed that sale once, I couldn't possibly pass it twice!  And oh boy am I glad I stopped.  I got 110 fat quarters 3 quilt backings, 2 quilt kits, 16 yards of fabric and whole stack of charms - all for the whopping price of $77, yep that's right and this is quilt store quality stuff. The quilt kit is a Riley Blake quilt and the other a baby einstein one.  What fun!!!  So glad I didn't pass it up the second time around
Estate Sale find
When I finally got to the quilt store, I was so please with my bargain shopping that I splurged on a couple of books and a Judy N pattern.  Wait, that's not the way it's suppose to work is it???  Hmm I spent more at the quilt store than the Estate Sale and left without any fabric for the border.  That just means that quilt is going borderless :)  And hey one of those books was 50% off and the other was 20%, so still feeling pretty good.  I've been so good all year not buying fabric.  Now I've got it out of my system for a while, hmmmm, maybe ;)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

DWM - A proper one this time - updated

Yep that's right, I actually HAVE something on my design wall :) Took a trip to IN so that meant more work on the hexies.  I'm almost getting excited about this one.  Like the progress that has been made but no idea what comes next.  It'll be a while before the next trip so I have some time to think about this one.  Any helpful hints, greatly appreciated.
And I have a t-shirt quilt in progress. Now I do like the t-shirt quilts, I just don't like making them.  I did manage to get the front blocks cut and interface ironed on.  I sure hope this is the last one.

One of these days when the kids ask me to do something that I really don't want to do, I'll just say no.  But that isn't today.  Today I'm making a t-shirt quilt because my youngest daughter asked me to do it.  How can you say no to that?

Ok we have a quilt top, you know what that means right? The fun is about to begin, the quiting!!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

QOV Twins - Frame Friday

Look it's twins!!  These beauties are from Andrea in IL.  Right before Christmas 2012 she watched a short program on PBS (local channel) and they were telling the story behind QOV and what it means.  She's always felt that just walking up to a Veteran and telling them Thanks was just not enough, and when she saw this program about QOV she absolutely knew that she had to be apart of this wonderful, fulfilling program.  So she started searching for fabrics and patterns and has to this day made 12 quilts and still working on more.   She is working with a local Marine to gain more names and  hopes to have some more quilts finished soon to give out.   Her Mother (Cathy) helps  with each quilt, she cuts, Andrea sews, and she binds them once they come back.  She calls this Hearts, love the pattern.  I put them both on the frame at once and they were done in no time!

And here's the finished one from last week, this is from Phyllis in MI.  Love this one too!!

Here's how I did the border, the last time I had this border on a quilt someone asked how I did it.  This is the way I did it that works for me.
You need an arc big enough for the border, this a circle template that I have, a plate, pan lid, anything will work as long as the arc is big enough.  I place the template so its on either the edge of the quilt or the border seam, doesn't matter which you do first.  then mark that arc,
 Now take your arc and flip it to the other side.  I did the edge of the quilt first, then the seam of the border.  Have the new arc start where the last one finished.  Keep going all the way around like this.
Then fill in the segments.  I start at the largest end and work my way down filling in the segments.  Keep doing that all the way around.  And then start quilting.  It's that easy.  I do mark and use a ruler.  I've tried not doing both but with circles and diagonal lines I need a ruler and to mark.

Hope that helps and wasn't too confusing.  I just make my best guess around the corners. It doesn't matter how many arcs you have it's what every you feel comfortable with and what works for you.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

DWM 4/8 - Well sort of and QOV quilted

Ok nothing new at all on the design wall but I do have a couple of exciting things. First take a look at this, I won the Double Wedding Ring book from a giveaway at Angie's - A Quilting Readers Garden  There's always something going on over there and if you like Applique, she's got an Applique Thursday linky party.  The first that I ever remember thinking, ahhhh, that's what a quilt it is, was a double wedding ring. I think I've been hooked ever since I saw that way back when I was in by early 20s.  I've wanted a double wedding ring of my own ever since.  Now I have no reason not to have one!! Thanks Angie!!

And my husband, such a great guy, is making me a sewing table.  No more pink foam.  I can't wait until he's done with it.

I also finished a QOV this week. This one came from Phyllis in Lawton, MI.  She did this quilt with a friend at an annual retreat and they were so excited to see the top complete, and for such a good cause, their whole quilt club in town took these on as our service project this year working individually or as small groups. Boy this one is a beauty.  I told my self no feathers on this one.  And I did good until I quilted the Eagle feathers, and thought, what wait a minute, feather are completely appropriate :) Someone ask time how I did the border and I took pictures so I can post later in the week.  

Do yo usee the spot I forgot to quilt?  I don't think I've ever gotten a quilt 100% done on the frame when it's custom quilt.  I always find a spot that I missed  not matter how hard I look!!