Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mill Girls BOM is going home

It's time, this beauty is being shipped back to CA where she belongs.  I'm gonna miss this one!  We did spend some quality time together.  I managed to finally get some pics in natural light, just love when the sun is pretty low and shadows from the quilting show up so nicely.  You have to forgive my lumpy yard....there wasn't much natural light left and I wanted to get a few pics so no time to look for a flatter spot.  The quilt is nice and flat, it's my yard that isn't!
Mill Girls BOM - I'm gonna miss this girl!

Cable feathers look great with the fabric which has an winding feathery pattern.  First time doing Cable Feathers, used Deborah Poole's templates that I got from MQX, works like a dream

A simple feather in this border to mimic the fabric, beadboard in the small borders is carried through the larger borders as well.   
The star points almost look like wings don't they?  feathers feathers feathers!!!

Simple quilting on the pieced blocks brings out their beauty.  Continuous curve and feathers in the background.

Nothing but pure feathered fun!
Here's the details

  • Pattern:  Mill Girls BOM
  • Batting:  Hobbs wool (don't you love the quilting definition?)
  • Thread:  Glide 40wt on Top, Glide 60 wt in the bobbin (love these two together)
  • Ruler work and free motion feathers - lots and lots of feathers!
Now to load some of those Hands2help quilts on the frame and get those done!  Check out the linky parties on the side bar, lots of quilty goodness out there.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hands2Help 2018

Will you look what happened on Sunday?  They did it again! We finished three quilts for Little Lambs foundation for kids and nearly finished another. This puts us at 6 tops complete and one really really close. The large card trick will go to Sage Cancer center when completed. Thanks to these wonderful people for taking time out of their busy day for such good causes. The sweatshop had those machines humming today. You only have two more chances to help out, May 20 and then the final wrap up on June 3.   Let me know if you'd like to help us out. It was such a beautiful day too.
Three baby quilts, finally putting this adorable fabric to good use!

Large String Blocks for Card Trick - left overs from On Ringo Lake and added the yellow.  Just needs a border

Strings every where!

The sweatshop had those machines humming!

Bobs got a trick up his sleeve!  He was talking to Tom when we got the pic of the baby quilts.  He worked hard today :)
There's going to be a new addition in the sewing studio.  That table that we're sewing at will come out when we're done, June 3.  The cutting and ironing tables will be where the sewing table is and in that empty spot will be my new A1 Long Arm!!!!!  I did it, I got one.  Ordered it last week and am just beside myself with excitement.  I tried one at MQX in NH and fell head over heels in love with it.   Now I can be doing pantos on one and custom work on the other.  Her name is going to be Loretta (after my mom), I'll call her Lottie for short.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Hope every one has a great week, check out the linky parties on the side bar, go get inspired!!