Here's one from Jane - full post can be found here

This one is from Phyllis in MI, I had some fun with it - full post can be found here

These beauties (twins, there were two of them) are from Andrea in IL - full post can be found here

This is quilt number 2 from Terri in MI - full post can be found here

There's a beauty from Terri in MI - full post can be found here 

From   The Heart of Ohio Quilters' Guild. located in Licking County, just east of Columbus  Full Blog post is here

These came from a group in Columbus, IN.  They have about a dozen gals from "forty something" to age 97 working on tops as well as one man who is the son of one of our quilters and does his piecing as he works a night shift doing computer support from his home. Since they started in April '05 they have completed 2,473 quilts.  Isn't that amazing?  The Pastel Quilt was made by Flossie who's 97 - wonderful!!  Full Blog post is here 

From Bonnie  in PA

Bonnie in PA

Back of log cabin from Bonnie
Two quilts came from Bonnie this month.  I adore the log cabin quilt, had fun quilting that one.  Both are beautiful.  Full post can be found here 

Barn Raising by Barb - Paris Bee Quilters

Sampler by Paris Bee Quilters

Two quilts came from Paris Bee Quilters.  The barn raising was made by Barb whos' 82 years old.  Just puts a smile on my face every time I think about that quilt.  Full post and detailed pictures of the quilting can be found here

Two quilts came from Judy, took me a bit longer to get these done but wanted them both be special  full posts can be found here and here 

Here's one from Marion - full post can be found here 

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