Sunday, May 31, 2015

May was a great month, now lets see what June has in store for us

Oh my goodness. has this been as wonderful a month for you as it has for me?  I am one year closer to retirement and now only one year away (assuming nothing life changing we know it does from time to time), daughter #4 moved graduated from college.  Daughter #3 is in her final year and tuition is paid, I went on a wonderful vacation with daughter #4 to her new home town, and a group of us finished 13 quilt for Hands 2 Help.  Goodness me oh my, how does it get any better? I dunno.  Ahh, throw in the best garden season of many many years and shoot, my heart is overflowing with goodness I tell you.  So, I'll just share some pics and see what you think.  Here's the final quilts for H2H.  The final tally in case you haven't been watching is 13 quilts - 6 for Happy Chemo, 6 for Sage Cancer Center in McHenry, and 1 for Relay for Life in Richmond.  3 more quilts than my original goal of 10 - AMAZING!!!! Here's the pics and details with the pics

Shirting QST

Ground Cover Pantograph - Barbra Becker I think

Lil Hands by  Patricia Ritter - perfrect for Hands 2 Help don't you think?

Fern by Patricia Riter

Sea of Green
Off Track

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day ! And Hands 2 Help wrap up

We had our final session of Hands 2 Help wrap this saturday which was my birthday, what a great way to start a birthday huh?    These amazing ladies finished up 5 tops, I'm letting Meghan keep hers, it was  her first top.  So the totals are here 9 tops completed, 4 tops waiting to be quilted.  6 tops for Happy Chemo.  6 tops for Sage Cancer Center and 1 top for Relay for Life auction - freaking amazing.  What's even more amazing is that all this came from fabric stash, even the backings, and you can even telll :(  Here's some pics
final session of Hands 2 Help drive for us in Mchenry - great start with flowers and Mimosas - love these ladiess

This one will be donated to Relay for Life that my niece runs in our area.  I plan on bringing this one home from the auction, I think I can get it for under 250.
Meghams first quilt, she gets to keep it, what fun!!

Anna' first attempt at the long arm, she did GREAT!!

Veronika's jelly roll, love this with the ombre jelly roll.

here we are with all the nine quilts that are finished 4 more to quilt

Love these ladies and all the help - 3 more quilts will be delivered than planned!!

This definitely got us started

And we're in Washington DC for a few days checking out baby girl Daurio's new neighborhood (she moves out here the July 4th weekend)   We stopped at the portrait museum which was on my must see list and directly across from the hotel (hmmmm how did that happen).  Amazing portraits of the presidents - Lincolns just filled me pride and emotion.  There was also a quilt that had a lot of quilting done (just like a like) but by hand - OMG amazing - how many hours that much have taken.  The detail in the feather wreaths, the 1/4 in grid and the detail in the small amout of quilting on the applique them selves is gorgeious.  I also took a picture from the side, it was such a thin quilt, I"m not sure it even had any batting in it at all.  
seriously amazing in person.  I was actually more moved by this one than George Washington's

Amazing quilt

you know everything I know about this quilt now

Look how thin, it's almost lihe there is no batting at all

I can't even imagine how long this would take by hand.  I know it would take me a long time on the long arm!

Hope every one has a great holiday weekend, we saw the National Symphony Orchestra on the white house lawn last night which was amazing and heading over to Arlington National Cemetery to watch the changing of the gourd.  This is a great place to be for Memorial Day

Monday, May 18, 2015


No finishes this week but a couple of things on the design wall. First up is the shirting QSTs.  I wasn't crazy about them before and added four triangle all the way around to call them down a bit.  Still not crazy about them, but will definitely finish it for H2H.

Next is the truck quilt just got started, I had a little helper this weekend.   He approved every fabric in his quilt and helped turn the crank on the accuquilt for the wheels and stoplight.  He also at the sewing machine and pretended to make pizza, hmmmm who doesn't do that from time to time.  After sewing we had some cake

No sewing on Sunday, we had a big graduation.  Daughter #4 graduated from college.  Big day for her.  She has a conference that she presents at in Chicago then end of June then a fellowship at NIH and off to DC she goes before starting graduate school. 

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