Saturday, February 26, 2011

How often do you get to use the little elephant stitch on your machine????

Baby boy quilt #3 top done.  Just needs a back and to be quilted.  This was a lot of fun and went pretty fast. The pattern was Quiltmaker Snuggle Sampler.  Well based on it, a pattern is a guide line right?  The pattern was for a girl, but a few small changes and now it's a boy quilt.  I used a lot of fancy stitches on this one that I rarely if ever use, like the elephant and the whale stitch, how fun is that  (the line is a washable marker, it'll come out in the wash.  Ok, I'm on a roll now, back to the sewing room.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Design wall no longer empty - now that's better!

Not a lot of sewing this weekend.  Still have a little bit of jet lag.  I did finish two blocks done for baby boy quilt #3 (will someone please have a little girl ;).  Need to finish this one up for a baby shower mid-March.

And I also had 2 layer cakes of some great batiks.  I'm really liking the braid quilts and I've seen some really nice ones in batiks.  We'll see how this one turns out.  I'm using the darker red squares rather than the lighter colored ones on the design wall.  I was just too lazy to swap them out.  I'm going to try varying where the center is.  I think 6-7 rows with the center staggered in a check mark sort of design.  I also want to use a border on this but not really sure what color, I want it to be different from the center and the squares.  Maybe a nice deep red, but not as deep as the squares.  Or maybe a gold to brighten it up a bit.  It's not really as dark as it looks in the picture.  We'll see, I've got plenty of time!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Need to fill up the design wall, it's completely empty!!

Nothing there at all.  First weekend back, and have not sewn a single stitch!  Still trying to make the adjustment back to CST.

I did have some inspiration while in Seoul.  We had a little bit of free time on the weekend and went to see Changgyeonggung (Palace). The ceiling was stunning and would make such an incredible quilt.  The picture was taken with my phone, so not the best but I think you get the idea.  The sashing would be awesome.  The flowers in the center of the block.  

Now if I could just make it to the sewing machine and get started.  Maybe tomorrow ;) 

While surfing the web I found a much better picture.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last project before traveling

Ok I think I've got enough sewing in this weekend to hold me over for 2 weeks.  I'll be traveling the next couple of weeks and no sewing :(

Since I'll be out of the country next weekend I decided to get a jump start on the Feb bucket list monthly technique program.  Which doesn't technically start until the second weekend of the month, but I'll be in a different country then!!  And I really like this month's progam - QAYG and wanted to give it a try.

I found a great pattern for a small project - a  table runner here.  It was really quick to make. This is my first attempt at QAYG and  I liked it.  I used some red strips and that works for this month  so scrappy challenge (which you can find here.)

Now I have to go pack, no more sewing for me for a while.  At the least the table will look cute on Valentines day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

True Lovers Knot - yep 5 borders

But it really doesn't look like 5 borders.  Some could make strips and miter them so that it's only one border, but  hey, that's not me. They went on one at a time!  I think it helps to calm the quilt down a bit.   I did listen and left the sashing off, thanks for all the comments, they really helped. But now, how am I going to quilt this thing????

And I finished the baby quilt.  This is the first time that I've done a scrappy binding and I like how it turned out.  Just did very simple quilting on it.

So, now what to do???  

Friday, February 4, 2011

True Lovers Knot - wow, now that's a busy quilt

I've had a couple of snow days lately.  I still had to work remotely, but I did get to sew on my lunch hour and the extra two hours a day (no commute time) really helped.  I have all the center blocks done for the true lovers knot.  Boy is that a busy quilt or what??  I wonder if I should add some sashing between the blocks to try to tone it down a bit.  Need to figure that out before I add the 5 borders.  I'm just not sure what color to use for a sashing on this.  Hmmm, thoughts?  Suggestions?  

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