Monday, December 31, 2012

Design Wall Monday 12/31/12

I couldn't pass up the last design wall Monday, seems like it's been months since I've actually had something on the design wall.

And look at this, all caught up with Easy Street.  The colors are the same colors I used for Orca Bay and this is the first time that I'm using Bonnie's colors, mostly because I LOVE the color palette and hey I had everything.   I almost thought about swapping the purple out for Red but then I really didn't have anything dark enough and though it would be too many mid range colors so I stuck to the original.  Now I have a gazillion squares to trim up :)  It felt so good to start something new, it's been so long.

And what would New Year's Eve be without a recap of 2012, while I didn't achieve all my goals the two most important to me were achieved.  I did make more quilts for great cause (9 this year which is 2 more than last year)  and I also started quilting for QOV, I think I ended up quilting 10 quilts for QOV and really that is my favorite part.  The other goal was to get proficient at the long, while I wouldn't necessarily say I feel proficient, I am satisfied with the progress made.  So all in all I call 2012 a great quilting year.

Wishing every one a wonderful and safe 2013!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

QOV done and Happy New Year!!

I did finally get that last QOV quilt completed.  These came from Judy in IN.  This one was a lot of fun.  I got to try out a few different things, a little curved cross hatching, a baptist fan border (tried this for the first time, I like it), and of course a few different feathers, I do love feathers.  I hope Judy will as  well.

Curly Feathers and baptist fan border

A little curved cross hatching and more feathers in the center.
love the fabrics on the back

Wishing everyone the Happiest and Safest of New Year's!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

QOV Quilts

One done the other going on the frame and I hope I can get done by tomorrow

Here's the first, I just got lost in all the feathers.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month.  Sometimes life just throws things at you that you have to catch and deal with, sometimes you have catch and juggle!!  I was definitely juggling but quilting was not part of that juggling act.  In the past 4 weeks I did manage to get a finish in :)  Orange Crush is quilted and binding complete.  Now just to wash it and get it all cozy.  I used a free panto from Urban Elementz - Crinoline   I've wanted to use this pattern for sometime now and think it worked pretty well for this quilt.  The quilt pattern is  Blue Me Away done in orange.  Batting is Quilter Dream 70/30 Blend, top and bottom thread are both Bottom line, with two strands on the top.  I used and orange and yellow on top.

I hope everyone has  a wonderful Thanksgiving however you celebrate.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

DWM - 3 Quilts quilted this weekend

Lots of quilting this weekend.  I finished the Warrior Pride in time for the Homecoming game. I actually had 2 hours to spare :)  I don't quilt well under pressure, just not enough time to get creative and then change my mind.  I think it was the changing my mind that I really missed on this one.  But the football mom loved it and that's what really matters.    I did break out the embroidery machine for the letters,  had to dust it off as it's been a long while since I've used it.  And look at the back, I LOVE the football fleece we found for the back.   Batting is Hobbs 80/20 and bottom line both top and bobbin.

Farm stand - QOV
Fan Fare panto, love this pattern
Construction - QOV

Construction - QOV
2 QOV quilts completed this weekend as well.  These 2 came from Kathy in Columbus IN.   The construction equipment kinda threw me.  I just outlined as if it were applique.  I used Fanfare by Patricia E. Ritter, I love that panto for the Farm Stand quilt. . Batting hobbs 80/20, bottom line bottom of both.   Construction quilt has invisible thread for the outlines,  and bottom line for the background quilting.   The Farm Stand quilt has so fine on top.  I've been using quilters dream 70/30 for the past few months and honestly I like that so much better than the hobbs.  I think once I finish the roll of Hobbs, I'm switching completely to quilters dream batting.

Not quite done with Orange Crush but hoping to get that completed this week for quilting next weekend.  Can you believe how completely different that is from Warrior Pride?  Orange Crush is true to the pattern so far where Warrior Pride deviated just a bit. 
Orange Crush 
 And one last picture or two, we're having such wonderful colors this year. Last week all the Hickory trees were a wonderful golden yellow, this week the oaks are showing off their brilliant reds and burgundy.  This one in the front yard was just so pretty.    In the second one you can see the swing where I take the pictures of the quilts outside.  Too wet this weekend for outside pictures, would have been a nice picture of Warrior Pride in that spot.
Front yard, beautiful color
another view of the front yard, I love this time of year here. 
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Frame Friday

I've got Warrior Pride on the frame today, need to get this done.  Homecoming is tomorrow - yikes, hope I can make it for this one.

And I've made some progress on the orange and white version, they look so very different don't they?

Monday, October 8, 2012

DWM Monday

Warrior Pride

my little pumpkins
Not a lot of sewing this weekend.  All the girls were home and we had our own little Octoberfest :)  But I did manage to get the final border on the Warrior Pride quilt, now to see if I can get it quilted by Saturday.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Whooping it up today - finally!!

Oh boy it's been a long while since I've had anything to whoop about. I hardly sewed a stitch in Sept.  But I"m making up for it now.  I almost have a quilt top done.  I"m making two of these, one orange and black the other orange and white.  This is Jamie's Pattern Blue Me Away done in warrior pride colors (orange and black) and the other will be orange and white.   I was so anxious to get sewing that I just sewed, I love a scrappy quilt but really didn't thing about the chubby pinwheels.  Man if they are all scrappy when you put them together they just look like a mess.  So I added a half in black border to break it up.  But hey, I was sewing and nothing was gonna stop me :)  Trying to get the first one done by next weekend which is homecoming for the mom of the two football players.   Just need to add the last border and get it quilted.  Is it crazy busy or what???

Oh and look at the vistor I had this week.  He's been hunting like crazy at our place.  He stopped to get warmed up in the sun.  Didn't mind having his picture taken at all.  But geez will ya look at his claws?  Yikes, I wouldn't want to be a small critter around here.  Look at that beautiful fall color in the background, I love fall.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids - well at least 2

I finished my 2 quilts for 100 quilts for kids.  These are going to Project Linus.   A friend of mine has 2 nephews and an niece all with heart conditions and they've had numerous surgeries at the same hospital.  Each of the kids got a blanket from the hospital so we decided to pay them back and make 2 quilts.    One boy one girl.
I put both of these on the frame at the same time.  I had a green flannel backing that was 110 in wide and worked for both so I loaded them a the same time.  What I didn't think about before I loaded both of them was that I didn't have a pantograph that would work for a boy AND a girl.  Dang.  So I sat there thinking and it hit me that I had never done an overall meander on the long arm.  So there you go, that's what I did on both of them.  It did go really fast and they are both pretty cuddly after they were washed.   Oh and see that floor there, that's why I didn't have anything last Monday.  My husband I put in a new floor in the living room last weekend.  I use to enjoy DIY projects a whole lot more 10 years ago :)  Oh man and I was sore for days after doing this.  It's like I did 600 squats that weekend, ouch.

But I finally did start something new :)  It's Blue Me Away by Jamie at L'Fair Quilts  I'm working on two of them both orange.  One will be orange and white (Orange Crush) and the other will be orange and black - for McHenry Warriors.  It sure feels good to get something going in the sewing room.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tossed Salad - fresh off the frame

Is done - woohooo!  Man how long has it been since I've started something new?   I guess the table runner was new and was only a couple weeks ago.  I really want to start an Orange quilt.  I have Bonnie Hunters new book and I'm gonna choose one out of there.  I feel the need for a new, brand spanking new project :)
Tossed Salad fresh off the fram

Quilting closer up

Tossed salad back

Tossed Salad is served!

Love a pieced back

But in the mean time here's a finish Tossed Salad, this was a mystery quilt from Silly Good Quilts I really wanted to do a panto on this one had a new one that I just love, but it's too hard for me.  I tried and ripped it out and did this.  Two layers of batting  - quilters dream 70/30 blend and dream puff.  Bottom Line in the bottom and 2 strands of bottom line on top.

Oh and do you see what is peaking out behind that first picture?? It's my very first customer quilt - so excited (and nervous)

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