Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Fabric Stash Report for 2012

This year as part of my goals I'm tracking how much fabric purchased vs used.  I am counting all fabric purchased - backing and background included as I will be using those numbers for the fabric used as well.  I'm only counting fabric used once the top is complete and then I include the binding and backing fabric in the total for the quilt.  So this morning with my coffee I did an inventory of what was purchased vs quilt tops or quilts completed.    Lets just say it's way too easy to hit the "purchase now" button on the computer :) 

Purchased in the first 14 days of Jan.
  • 15 yards Kona Snow (that should last for a while :)
  • 5 yards of Kona Med Grey (yep I decided I'm finally going to put grey in a quilt)
  • 5 yards Kona White (needed for a block exchange - my first one ever)
  • 4 yards of sale fabric (couldn't resist - back to the purchase now button issues I have)
  • 3 yards - 1 Little Apples jelly roll (part of the grey theme that I've been wanting to try)
  • 6 yards - 4 smaller jelly rolls on sale - I'm speechless - but they are super cute :)
  • 3.5 yards - Pat Sloan's Blogger Choice FQ pack - The fat quarter shop and I are pretty good friends right not
Used: (quilt yardage includes, Top, Back and Binding)
  • 13 yards - Smith Mountain Morning - just guessing on this as the book was not handy 
  • 13.5 yards - Apple Crate
  • 3.5 yards - Baby Donation practice quilt 
  • 5 yards - Baby Donations practice quilt (my first pantograph that's good enough for someone - I'll post that tomorrow)
  • 12 yards - Modern Mirrors (I'll show this one tomorrow when the top is done)
  • 15.5 yards - Orca Bay
Previous Report Total:  0
This Report Purchased:  41.5 (uh oh, how did that happen???)
This Report Used:  62.5
Year to date Total:   -21

Now that's a good way to start the year off isn't it.   I don't feel quite so bad about the purchases.  Although Jan tends to be month where I have the most completions and the least about of fabric purchased.  I'll wait until Feb to see how thing go.  I need a larger sample size before I start determining if there are some dangerous trends.

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  1. But there were so many wonderful inventory sales - you just can't pass up saving money for staple stock. And you deserve a little fun items too. And you used more than purchased.


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