Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FMQ Challenge - Jan

The first challenge was raised by Frances Moore with a meandering leaf motif.  SewCalGal post for Jan is here. Now I know I should be using my DSM, but I just got a new Long Arm ( aka April)  and I REALLY need the practice.  I've read that it takes a year to become proficient at the long arm machine and will the challenge is for a full year, lucky me!!  Right now I can do one thing on the long arm and that's it.   And it's not leaves!!  Well so I spent a little while drawing a few different  leaves and narrowed it down to two.  I liked one and my husband liked the other - go figure :) He is usually right for some odd reason when it comes to quilting - how does that happen????  So I decided to give both a try on a sample. Of course what actually came out was a hybrid of the two, so we were both right! Aw, now that's nice.  And here's a sample of what I have going on. I'm doing this around all the stars and the borders.  So by the time I'm done with this exercise I'll be able to do two things on April and one of them will be leaves. Thanks Frances for a great challenge.


  1. I think it's looking pretty good. I have a couple questions, though.

    How did you find it quilting on the heavier weight BDU fabric vs the quilting cotton?

    Second, I am in love with how you put this together. With your permission, I'm going to get the pattern and copy your camo idea first for a hubs quilt but then maybe with only slight variations for others in our military family I know would love something along these lines.

    No selling plans but I certainly do not want to use your design interpretations/ideas without permission (and I'm okay if you say no, promise).

    thank you for your consideration.

  2. When I got my quilting set up, I practised on pillow protectors. You could make a sewing machine cover or 5. You could so a whole mattress protector. Mind you, you seem to be doing a fabulous job on this quilt. Just thoughts.

  3. I love the idea of using the FMQ to familarize yourself with April - that takes practic just as with a home machine. I need to get on the challenge - but think I will start with drawing to get the visual down.

  4. Good job, Sue! (Can't wait to see this quilt finished.) I like the idea of practicing the fmq on April -- I'm going to do the same on my Avante. (Need to come up with a name for my baby, too!)

  5. Very nice, Sue. You and April are a team already. Look forward to seeing the whole quilt.


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