Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost a Friday Finish

back of quilt, - I can do a panto!!
Donation quilt 2
All that's left is the binding on donation quilt number 3 - actually it's donation quilt number 2 cuz daughter number 3 made me give donation quilt number 2 to Miles.  She didn't have to try too hard for that :)  Ok so here's the quilt and easy donation quilt number 2 - needed to make this so that I could do the pantograph for the modern mirrors.  And guess what????  I think I'm actually getting it. There are some parts of the leaves that are actually smooth.  The trick for me was that April (my long arm) likes a little close dancing.  Yep I put my arm around her neck, pull her in close grab her handle of we go, swaying back and forth. Add  Pandora and we are off !!  I just need to get the binding on this one and it's done. 

free panto at Urban Elementz
Oh and I also found out that Urban Elementz has free pantos!  Someday when I get better at this I'll do a little boy quilt and use this lizard pattern, just way tooo cute. And the price is definitely right!
Swoon Fabrics

I"ve finally caved in and I'm gonna join the swooning that's all over.  I"m using Prince Charming fabrics, have them all doubled up,  just waiting to finish up Modern Mirrors and then I'll be cutting these beauties up.  I"m usng grey for the solid.  I just ordered 15 yards!  So not on a fabric diet this year yet. 

Here's my fabrics for made in cherry (again issues with the fabric diet, I have to make something with all this).  I just can't resist that one either.   I love starting new projects.  
Fabrics for Made in Cherry QAL
Linking up with Sarah to see what everyone else is whooping about this Friday


  1. Just love the JR quick quilt for donation. Oh lizards are so cool! I started my Cherry today - just scrappin' it and went with 2" blocks. Love your fabric chosen, can't wait to see it enfold.

  2. Nice to see you and April are getting along well :)

  3. Cool donation quilt, and nice work on the leaves! Oh, I bet your swoon blocks are going to be fabulous with those fabrics. Have fun!

  4. Ooooh, those lizards would be great for my son's green quilt. Maybe I need to learn to do pantos, too.

  5. Love your quilting! that panto is so cute! I had to share that link with a couple friends; thanks!

  6. Looks great! For me, learning pantos was more of a challenge than freehand. Once you get the feel of grasping your machine (and we all do it differently) it starts to become natural. I hold the left handle and put my right hand on the machine right where the power cord comes out of the shroud.

    Thanks for the heads up on the lizards. I went there and copied it before it was gone. I love it!!


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