Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stash Report - Jelly Roll Binge - not good

Oh man, I've been doing this for a month and man, (me hanging my head in shame). What can I say, I really like fabric.  Ok the numbers

Total purchased - it's wayyyy to easy to hit the "add to cart button"
  • 5 Jelly Rolls - 14 yds - Green Fairy Quilts has a great sale going on - check it out, new arrivals on sale too (one was sent by Craftsy in error and they told me to keep it - yeah)
  • Prince Charming Fat Quarter - on sale at Craftsy - bad bad bad  - they keep having things on sale  - 7.5 yds
  • 4 charm packs - Craftsy again 3 yds
  • 15 yds Kona Gray - I'm having a love affair with Grey
  • 2 yds of clearance fabric
  • 7 yds backing for Modern Mirrors
  • 6 yds backing for Labyrinth
  • Amy Ellis Fat Quarter selection - 3.75
Total used
  • Donation Quilt #2 = 6 yards
  • Labyrinth - 19 yards
Previous Report Total: -21
This Report Purchased: 58.25 - really???? yikes
This Report Used:  25
Year to date Purchased:  99.7 (I need to go on a fabric diet!)
Year to date Used: 87.5
Year to date Total:   12.2 - uh oh I need to get sewing!


  1. You are too funny - oh, those sales - I hear ya! Although, I did mine on end of inventory last year. I'm hoping to only buy this year from my LQS - support the local business.

  2. yummy fabrics, drool!
    where did you get it? what website?
    hook me up.....
    from one fabric attict to another

  3. You are funny, I think they're wonderful acquisitions.


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