Monday, August 29, 2022

Variegated Spools

 Jeanne does such wonderful applique.  I've tried a few different ways, and ugh mine looks like well maybe I should just say it doesn't look very good. So when I get a change to quilt with  exquisite applique, I enjoy every single minute of it and this was no exception.  The spools have so many different fabrics, it was fun to look at them all. But this baby is done!!

Variegated Spools - Laundry Basket Quilts - Pieced by Jeanne McGill

Some details on the quilt 

Pattern - a modified Variegated Spools from Laundry Basket Quilts (I love the two birds)

Batting - 1 layers of Quilters Dream 70/30 on the bottom, Quilters Dream Wool on top

Thread - Glide 60 wt top and bottom

Rulers - Quilted Pineapple 12 in straight, Julia Quiltoff small straight ruler, Quilters rule (no idea what the name of the ruler is but I use it ALL the time and Scully for the applique.  I start using Scully for applique at the beginning, then just use my hand on the quilt and my non dominant had to guide the machine (I can't explain it but it works!).  I the mornings I will start with Scully then switch.  He's great for going around irregular shapes but ya gotta go slow no matter what!!

Other - a fine line air erasable pen and  a sew line water pen to erase.   I marked the centers of the blocks between the spools for the feathers.  I mark a block, quilt, erase, move to the next one.   I do NOT mark for the straight lines , only for the center of the feathers.

Time - this one took between 18 - 20 hours and I believe I quilted everything before it came off the frame, hallelujah the quilting Gods were on my side this time!

Other findings.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I have over 700 hours of stitch time clocked on this machine and I have never changed the check spring.   I've been able to quilt but lately have been struggling with tension with threads that normally work just fine.  So I did it, I changed the check spring and everything about quilting changed! Wow, tension fixed right away and stay fixed.  Why did I wait so long and how is that you are suppose to be able to tell with your spring has sprung?   I mean hey if ain't broke don't fix it! How often do you change your check spring???

I've got some sweet little teacups up next.  It's a  little one, can I get it done in a day?  Shoot I don't feel like I can get anything done in a day!!

I may have an opening in Oct / Nov if you would like custom quilting.  I can always fit an edge to edge in between the custom quilts.  I'd love to quilt for you.  Just hope over to there's a form at the bottom to contact us, I'd love to quilt for you.

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  1. Love the quilt and the quilting is superb.

  2. Wow that's beautiful and a lot of work. Congratulations 👏

  3. Gorgeous quilting! Such a pretty quilt with such variety of fabrics in those spools. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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