Friday, August 26, 2022

Finished or Not Friday

 I just love the thought of "finished or not Friday"  no pressure, sometimes you have a finish and sometimes, like this time it's really close.  This is Friday morning and just maybe, if the quilting Gods stay on my side, it just might be finished today!!!!  I'll have more details on batting, thread and rulers used on the final reveal coming soon....

Jeanne's Spool Quilt - FMQ and ruler work all hand guided

This is a quilt made by Jeanne, she does fabulous applique and her spools, wow!!  I don't think there are two fabrics alike.  I just adore this quilt, it's on my bucket list.    As I was quilting, it hit me why I love this so much.  It's the spools!!  Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a thread junky.  I LOVE thread!  When I'm at a quilt store I swear it takes everything in me to NOT touch the thread when I walk by.   More often then not, my fingers come in contact, if only for a brief moment! And I've just started collecting threads for embroidery.  I'm in thread heaven, thread on the wall, thread for embroidery, spools that are being quilted, how can life get any better?  I'm one lucky girl!

Who doesn't love a little thread??

Oh and in the spirit of not finished, here's my newest crazy, some Sue Spargo embroidery.  I tried a little sampler and was completely smitten with this handwork.  Current project is Squash Squad, I've finished 3 of nine. So I'm gonna take the 3 blocks as a finish.  I can have my cake and eat it too!

Sue Spargo Squash Squad - I'm learning something new!!

Almost forgot national pup day (shhhh this needs to be our little secret).  Jacks and Isaac my sweet little prince and princess, love them to pieces!!

Jacks (after Mary Jackson) and Isaac (after Isaac Newton)

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Hope everyone has a happy weekend - the last one in August?  How does this happen????


  1. Sue that spool quilt is gorgeous but your quilting is knocking it out of this world!

  2. You are making that spool quilt come alive!!!

  3. I have that Edyta Sitar quilt top in the works. Your photo and quilting have inspired me to finish it. Fingers crossed I can stay with it. Your quilting is phenomenal.

  4. Sue, I am right there with you on the thread addiction! Your thread wall looks like MY thread wall! But your custom quilting is just out of this world. Love your Squash Squad project, too. I would love to start one of those projects but I've got to wrap up the needle turn appliqué project that I've been dragging along for (too many!) years now before starting another hand stitching project, because my sanity can only handle so many UFOs at once!

  5. Your quilting is stunning. You brought the spool quilt alive.

  6. I agree with everyone else, you brought that quilt to life! What an artist you are with thread. And of course you need lots of threads! I don't think anyone makes negative comments about how many paints artists have; why should it be any different for threads?

  7. A little bit of everything the quilting on the thread quilt, and yes, I can see why you need to make this one day. Your Sue Spargo Squash Squad is fabulous. The pups are lovely! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.

  8. What FABULOUS quilting on that spool quilt - that is a stunner!
    and your Squash Squad is so cute!!! I will keep the secret from your dogs - but I am pretty sure they know they rule!! haha!! Glad you could join us at FONF and join in the fun!!

  9. Those look like the sweetest pups! And your quilting is gorgeous!


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