Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Design Wall Monday - what a mess!

 Ok, it took me until Wed to share my messy unorganized design wall.  I really wasn't going to share for a couple of reasons.  One it really doesn't look like who I am as a quilter.  But then I thought, wait a minute, there were no little quilt fairies that put that stuff up.  But if there are quilt fairies, I must say I have a list of things they can do!! And number two the projects that I really want to be working on aren't there.....maybe this can be a goal for a future Design Wall Monday.  But lets take a little look at whats there.

Everything looks so modern-ish, I like modern but, well looks like I really like modern!  Lets start at the right and work are way left.

We had a workhsop with Frieda Anderson, a year or so before the shutdown, dang still not quilted.  I imagine it will be there a while long, but it is pretty, top right bright pink!  Below that was my backup for our 2019 guild challenge,  A Ribbon Runs Through it.  I wasn't sure my first was going to be the right size, off by about an inch all the way around.  But I begged, pleaded and talked as nice as I could and they let the original in.  This one gonna be there a good while longer.  

Next to those to are the Squash Sqaud, working on #6, #5 is in a little time out, was being too fussy.  Hopefully it willl be back to it's cheery self when #6 is done.  I am just enjoying this so much.

After that is a guild raffle quilt.  We're going to have  Country Jane ( based on Dear Jane, yep we crazye! she's going on the frame soon ) a Modern Lap Quilt, and and embroiderd bag, wow!!!  For the modern quilt, 6 ladies took bags of cherrywood, silk and a little velvet.  They were given a picture of what I was sort of looking for and asked to make 2 blocks each that were at least 16 x 16.  I have all but two left....need to get moving on this one.  This picture below is our inspiration.  We've got a little work to do.  But we'll have something fanstastic I'm sure.

And finally I have two guild challenges.  The top one is a round robin, the medallion could be whatever you want, with in certain size constraints.  The next rounds was curves and now I need to get working on the next two rounds, flowers or hearts (at least 3) then triangles.  Pretty sure mine is the only one without a single stitch, it's all fused.  The other is a paint chip challenge.  You are given a paint chip and can only use those colors. That and you need to try a technique that you've never tried befor.  My technique is free for curves....still TBD is they will be redone or I will add a little yarn couching to it....

Phew, that is my crazy design wall.  

I did finish a couple of things last week....

A Tea Cup runner that last picture shows a spot I forgot a teensy bit of quilting.  This is the main reason for taking so many pictures of custom, making sure you haven't skipped a spot, back on and off the frame in a jiffy!

Look at this edge to edge, so bright and cheery!

Next up,San Marco from A Different Box of Crayons.  Look at that table all clean and spiffy. Want to guess how many rulers and spools of thread will be there when I'm done!  

Don't forget to check out all the linky parties on the side bar, so much inspiration out there.


  1. Hi,
    Love the cups pretty, and the squash is cute. Awesome
    ideas for a quilt...have a great day!

  2. Wow you have some really fun looking projects happening in your room and on your design wall. Looks way better than my room!!

  3. It is surprising to see the modern vibe on your design wall. I guess because we see so much custom quilting of others quilts, we don't get to see much of what you're working on. Love to see where these projects go!

  4. Pictures can be so handy to spot things, can't they? Looks like you've had a really productive week!

  5. Wow! Your design wall looks great!

  6. You have a lot of things going on for sure! Love the cup runner. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Blown away by your number of WIPs. The quilting you chose for the tea cups quilt is particularly delightful.


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