Friday, December 17, 2010

RRCB Part 5 is a really something!!

600 2 inch HSTs!!  Holy smokes.....600 of anything is a lot of something!

I walked into the sewing room this morning and on the sewing table was the Christmas quilt for my sister anxiously waiting to marked, quilted and finished.  Oh the dilemia.  My sister would be pleased as punch with quilted place mats ;)  There's always her birthday in June for a nice quilt.  Yes I know, finish the quilt for Christmas, who wants a quilt in June!

Ok, I'll just cut for an hour, then mark for an hour.  Cut for an hour, then quilt for an hour.

That seems like a wonderful compromise.  It's going to be a fun weekend!!

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  1. Oh, I would go with finishing the gift. Those HSTs will be there. I love doing little HSTs, but being realistic on not completing this many until the New Year.


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