Monday, December 27, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

well my list of waiting to be quilted quilts is longer than my list of in progress quilts.  I think I need to start a couple more ;)  I can only finish quilting the baby quilt Amanda (the machine I do the quilting on) is in the shop.  She's having a spa week, getting all tuned and cleaned up.  Hopefully she'll be back soon and ready to get some quilting done.

Hugs and Kisses is the quilt that I made for my husband, it was another mystery quilt.   If you tilt your head you can see the x's and o's.  I used up some more scraps on this which was very nice.   I think I'm going to piece the back together as well.  Some flannels would be nice and cozy for movie night.


  1. Oh, this is great! Maybe because I am partial to blue , but I love this. Flannel would make a great back, but stick to large piecing as flannel is slippery - and wash/dry before using to get any shrinkage out first. I can't wait to see it quilted up - this surely is a keeper.

  2. Your quilt is a beauty!! Your hubby will just love it!!

  3. Wow -- you've got some beautiful projects going on here and with your PhDs.

    Thanks for your comment on myk PhDs -- dj.

  4. Nice quilt top! Won't it be fun when it's done?!

  5. So many shades of blue. Your quilt looks great. Congratulations on using up some scraps.


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